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Good news, everyone!

Although dear Prof. Farnsworth always follows with a gravely dangerous assignment, in this case, we really do have terrific news.

We are releasing the full source code of JustMock Lite, complete with unit tests, examples and build scripts. Actually, you can skip the rest of the post and jump to GitHub to check the goodies in the package. It uses Apache 2.0 license, so you can start using it right away.

Still with us? Good. If you’re familiar with JustMock, older sibling to JustMock Lite, you may wonder what will happen to it. Long story short, internally, both products have always shared the same code base. Our plans are to continue doing this. But now we’ll share the sexy parts with the world—which helps you write a testable, refactorable and maintainable code.

The GitHub repo is *the* source. Once we want to release blessed binaries, we take the sources from the very same GitHub repo, build them, hammer them with manual tests (the unit tests are already in the repo) and when ready, publish on our site. If during the QA we find a bug, we will commit the fix in the same GitHub repo. We do not have a private repo with changes unseen to other people.

For the commercial incarnation of JustMock, we keep only the profiler, which is responsible for the elevated mocking.

So, what is missing? The Telerik digital signature files (for obvious reasons). Also missing are the profiler, its unit tests and the examples which require it. The Visual Studio extension stays closed too, mainly because it deals with the profiler. For now, we have no plans to open source them. Also, we are not open sourcing the SandCastle sources of the help.

Why are we doing it? We think we are better than our competitors and we want to prove it. Also, the usual benefits of open source software apply: you see what you get, the faster development and better bug fixing. Also, we’ve accumulated a massive amount of knowledge about writing quality .NET software and want help people learn from it. The code has been hammered in projects with tens of millions lines of code, both within Telerik and through our clients.

How will it work in practice? You clone the public repo and code your changes. Once you are ready, you issue a pull request. We check it and if it looks good, we merge it. We developed JustMock using TDD, and we demand unit tests for the new features. The procedure is described well on GitHub. We are a Europe-based team, so there may be some delay while we approve the request, especially if you are in America.

If you have questions, post them on and we will be happy to answer.

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Todor Totev

Todor is a Senior Product Manager responsible for the high productivity tooling Kinvey Studio, part of the Kinvey Platform. Todor started his career in software development more than 20 years ago, and used multiple technologies, languages, and frameworks. He switched to Product Management and worked on various high-productivity cloud-based solutions inside Progress. A passionate video gamer and avid book reader, he mostly enjoys the quiet family nights with his family.

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