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    DevCraft 2015 Q2 Webinar Wrap-Up

    On Tuesday June 30, Telerik hosted the DevCraft Q2 2015 Release webinar packed with new developer toys. Our three .NET amigos Michael Crump, Ed Charbeneau and Sam Basu thoroughly enjoy talking to fellow developers and hope you enjoyed all that’s new for you. Let’s recap a little.
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    Q2 Telerik UI for iOS Offers DataForm and More

    The second major installment of Telerik UI for iOS for this year is already here, packed and stacked with new features and improvements. Two new great controls complement the suite: DataForm and Alert. Without beating about the bush, let’s dive into more details about each of these controls.
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    ListView and DataForm in UI for Xamarin Q2 Release

    It’s time for the second major UI for Xamarin release for this year, Q2 2015, and we are just excited as your are. With this release, ListView for Xamarin Forms gets rid of the Beta tag and becomes official, and now you can use it in production in apps developed with a single shared C# code base. Read on to learn what's in Q2 2015 for you.
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    Telerik Alert Coming Q2 to Fit in Your iOS Alert Scenarios

    Your application is almost ready. You've implemented all screens. However, there is an error coming from the server and you should display a message about it. This is a common situation, but what's the solution?
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    Telerik UI for iOS Works Flawlessly with iOS 9 Beta

    We are in the middle of the most exciting week in 2015 for the whole iOS developer community. Apple showcased great features for the end users, and there were also a bunch of new and improved kits that will make each iOS (game) developer’s life much much easier. We wondered how iOS 9 and Swift 2.0 would affect Telerik UI for iOS and quickly tested our Swift and Objective-C Demo apps against the new environment. Read on to check how it went. We would also be interested to hear your opinion about whether and for how long we should still support iOS 7.