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    Telerik MVC Q3 2011 Beta preview: New charting and grid features, and better mobile support

    Two days after the Telerik AJAX Q3 2011 Beta launch we are presenting you the MVC Q3'11 Beta preview bits. Among the highlights are the new Metro skin for all Telerik MVC Extensions, improved mobile support, new Pie chart series type, keyboard support for the editor and a bunch of new features for the grid extension. The compressed packages for the Open Source and Commercial distributions are ready and steady for download. Enhanced Mobile Support | Metro skin With this early preview we are conveying improved mobile support for our MVC extensions in terms of drag & drop and touch support for the grid,...
    October 27, 2011
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    Q2 2011 SP1 AJAX and MVC service packs

    Right in the apogee of THE //build conference when the Microsoft developer community is impatiently swallowing the news revolving around the future of the Windows and .NET development, we are delivering for you the service pack releases for the Telerik AJAX and MVC product lines. And not to distract you from collecting the information that is pouring every day over the mass media, I will briefly give you the highlights (in terms of enhancements) of our maintenance releases. RadControls for...
    September 15, 2011

    Company Achieves ROI of 15x the Initial Cost with Telerik’s ASP.NET MVC Extensions - Case Study

    Paylocity, a leading US online employment services firm recognized by multiple industry ratings, knew their Time and Labor Management product, Paylocity Web Time, needed a strong competitive advantage, if it was to stay successful in the crowded market for web-based employment services. This is why the development team undertook an aggressive project on improving the product. Project requirements and objectives: Make the product more intuitive in order to increase user productivity Update product in a manner that would take advantage of modern technologies and add support for tablets and phones Redesign the interface to achieve a sleeker look and feel Build...
    September 06, 2011
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    Q3'11 Telerik AJAX/MVC Roadmaps

    I know that some of you, fellow developers, are enjoying the hot summer days and took well-deserved vacations during this period of the year - spending them by the beach with an icy cocktail in hand and getting bronze tan. And I envy you a little for that :) But here, in the Telerik HQ, the working cycle constantly spins no matter what the odds and the weather are, and the time has come to share with you our AJAX and MVC Q3 2011 plans. AJAX Roadmap (View) Quick highlights Two new controls: Social Share and Org Chart New Metro skin (preview can...
    August 10, 2011

    Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC – Getting Started with the Chart

    With the release of Q2 2011 we here at Telerik are proud to announce the Chart Extension for ASP.NET MVC. This component has been designed from the ground up with a high focus on performance and cross-browser compatibility and is based off of SVG and VML (for browsers that do not support SVG). Many of you are probably interested in how you can start working with the chart and this blog post should help guide you along the first couple of steps. Server Binding Out-of-the-box the chart component can very easily bind to any supplied model on the server. If the view...