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    Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC in Azure – Part 1, Building your Application

    As some of you are (hopefully) aware of, our RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX work flawlessly on Windows Azure. We actually have a short blog series available here on our blogs that go through the necessary steps for creating an application (Part 1) and later deploying it (Part 2) to Windows Azure. However, do our ASP.NET MVC components work on this platform? The answer is: yes! (Note the usage of ‘!’, that’s how exciting it is!). The best thing is that the process is no more complicated than what you have to do for our RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX. Note Since most of...
    April 14, 2011
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    First Telerik AJAX and MVC Q1 2011 service packs

    A month after the official Q1 2011 release of our AJAX and MVC components, I would like to announce the immediate availability of the first maintenance packs for both product bundles and appoint the most important bullets in them. See the next two paragraphs for details: AJAX Q1 2011 SP1 Release Notes | Demos | Documentation Highlights Updated the internally used jQuery to 1.5.2 Addressed reported IE 9 issues for all components Grid - Updated the grid's visual designer to provide support for grouping and client settings; Support for default font setting when exporting RadGrid to PDF RibbonBar - Added RadRibbonBar>RibbonBarMenuItem>NavigateUrl property SiteMap - All SiteMap nodes...
    April 14, 2011
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    Q2 2011 Telerik AJAX and MVC Roadmaps

    A couple of weeks after the official Q1 2011 bits were out, there were people who started to ask: "Hey, what about your future plans for web development? I am impatient to know what you guys will be cooking for the summer release..". Well, with no further delay I am presenting you our AJAX and MVC Q2 2011 plans to feed your curiosity :) Telerik AJAX controls Q2 2011 Roadmap Focal points: Two new controls - image editor and web alert 4 new skins (Transparent + 3 Office2010 variations) Mobile and accessibility improvements HTML5 file API support for AsyncUpload, HTML5 input types rendering...
    April 07, 2011
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    FireFox 4 supported by Telerik AJAX and MVC components

    Right after the official launch of the new major version of the FireFox browser (you can download it from here) I asked our web teams to test the Telerik AJAX and MVC components against the latest version of FireFox. And guess what? Both suites support FireFox 4 and no modifications are needed! This is an acknowledgement that you can develop sites with our Q1 2011 AJAX and MVC bundles and be content when running them in FireFox 4. Pretty convenient, yeah?
    March 23, 2011
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    Telerik AJAX and MVC Q1 2011 official releases

    They are here, so it is time to celebrate with us! The official Q1 2011 Telerik AJAX and MVC packs with a bunch of new components and features are ready to be downloaded by our customers and prospects, hence wait no more! I am going to give a retrospective view of what we delivered for you with the Q1 2011 landmark: Telerik AJAX Q1 2011 bundle Beta announcement (2 new controls, ListView and Scheduler SP 2010 web parts, touch/drag gestures support for mobile devices, improved accessibility) RibbonBar intro (tech glance) MS Help3 documentation (Post Q1 2011 Beta) Recharged online demos look-and-feel Load-on-demand capability for ListBox TreeList footer aggregates RELEASE NOTES Telerik MVC Q1 2011...
    March 16, 2011