Paylocity, a leading US online employment services firm recognized by multiple industry ratings, knew their Time and Labor Management product, Paylocity Web Time, needed a strong competitive advantage, if it was to stay successful in the crowded market for web-based employment services. This is why the development team undertook an aggressive project on improving the product.

Project requirements and objectives:

  • Make the product more intuitive in order to increase user productivity
  • Update product in a manner that would take advantage of modern technologies and add support for tablets and phones
  • Redesign the interface to achieve a sleeker look and feel
  • Build the project using the ASP.NET MVC framework


Time constraints – the team of developers had to deliver the updated iteration of the application quickly in order to gain competitive advantage. They knew that instead of building everything from scratch, it would be more time- and effort-efficient, if they used third-party components.

Solution: Why the Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC?

Paylocity’s developers highly favored:

  • The Extensions’ coding standards and best practices
  • Their professional documentation
  • Their release cycle - it mirrors Microsoft’s, which would allow Paylocity to continue adopting emerging technologies
  • Telerik’s famous support.

After a mere eight months, the updated version of Paylocity Web Time was ready to launch. The team managed to achieve all objectives while cutting development time and achieving a return that is more than 15 times their actual cost.

The most important objective - to deliver a solution that notably improves user productivity – was also met and as company President and CEO, Steve Beauchamp noted, the application’s sales increased by more than 50 percent compared to the previous fiscal year.

For details on how Paylocity compared Telerik’s ASP.NET MVC extensions to its competitors and how exactly the components helped them cut development time, visit the full-length case study.

About the Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC

Telerik's MVC Extensions

Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC is a comprehensive set of native MVC, jQuery-powered UI components that help you deliver richer apps to market faster. With their slick look and feel, optimized performance and aggressive release schedule, these components give you more time to work on the business logic of your app. What is more, the suite allows you to choose a licensing option that best fits your project’s needs – open source for your GPLv2-compatible apps, and commercial for your closed-source projects.

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