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    How to raise event for a mocked call.

    Recently, while i was working with a support issue, I found this interesting piece of test code that i would like to share here. This is actually written by Stefan Lieser (clean code developer from Germany forwarded to me by Jan from Telerik Germany).
    October 06, 2010
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    Mocking SPContext.Current with JustMock

    Today, I happen to find an interesting post on mocking SharePoint context using TypeMock. Being a JustMocker, i thought rather to follow the footsteps and see if can do the same with JustMock. I am no SharePoint expert. Occasionally, I use a Windows 2003 VM with SharePoint server installed which gives me the required flavor of SharePoint for testing  SP capabilities of JM. Anyway, here is the original post that i am going to recycle using JustMock. http://meronymy.blogspot.com/2010/09/mocking-spcontextcurrent-with-typemock.html   The scenario here is pretty simple. There is a method that returns an URL from the current SPContext which i am going to mock in order...
    September 27, 2010
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    JustCode Code Templates

    Template Basics JustCode templates are much like Visual Studio code snippets. They give you a chance to seamlessly generate a piece of code following a predefined structure. In the general case you just have to pick up the real content, i.e. the stuff that actually defines the logic of the code, from a set of possible choices that JustCode computes for you. All the boilerplate code is automatically generated for you. For example, here is how the C# built-in foreach code template  normally works out: Step 1 – Expand the template Step 2 – Choose a collection variable to iterate over   Notice how the type of e automatically changes from string to int   Step...
    September 06, 2010
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    Service Pack for JustCode Q2 released

      This week we release a service pack for JustCode Q2 2010. You can get the full details about the release here, but I wanted to point out a few highlights that might be of interest. New auto-updating functionality This service pack improves the current auto-updating functionality with the addition of one new option. By now you could get notifications only when a new official release or service pack was available. With this new option you will get notified for available internal builds as well. By default it is on, but if prefer to stick only to the official released versions you can switch...
    August 26, 2010