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    Working with Visual Studio: Write Code Where Needed - Part 1

    Every test automation project will require some level of coding to be successful. Test Studio’s record and playback creates powerful, maintainable tests, but you’ll still need to write code at some point to cover common, critical aspects such as configuration, backing APIs, or test oracles. Setup and Teardown/Configuration Complex tests require clear, flexible configuration actions that keep the overall test suite maintainable over the long run. Pushing setup, teardown, and configuration to code versus the system’s interface dramatically speeds up test execution by leveraging the system’s own internal functionality through internal APIs, web service endpoints, or database stored procedures. Here are some common ...
    April 01, 2013
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    Explicit Waits with AJAX: ComboBox Example

    Asynchronous delays are the second biggest automation issue you need to nail down in your environment—locators/find logic being the first. Asynch operations cause all kinds of grief for even experienced automators. It can be extraordinarily frustrating to try and figure out exactly which thing you need to delay your test script’s execution for. I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: DO NOT EVER rely on execution delays, manual pauses, or Thread.Sleep() to handle your tests’ timing issues. Ever. Period. (OK, maybe once in an extreme situation. I’ve written tens of thousands of UI tests. I’ve justifiably used ...
    March 18, 2013
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    Belgium Testing Days 2013 and The Winner Is...

    Belgium Testing Days was a blast! We were excited to meet so many passionate European testing professionals. As you may know we had a small give-away game at our booth. 5 answers = 1 t-shirt! We hope you got a chance to stop by fill in our survey and grab a limited edition T-shirt! As we promised one of you who took the time to tell us a bit more about your testing challenges was randomly selected to win a $200 Amazon Gift Certificate! Without further ado, the winner is Mr. Alexander Podelko! (@apodelko). We'll be in ...
    March 08, 2013
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    Top Five Pain Points: Dealing With Time Constraints

    Too much work, not enough time and experienced people to do it in. Heard that before? Been there, done that? Living it now? One of the top five pain points our customers listed when getting started with Test Studio was the difficulty of dealing with time constraints—the challenges of adding new testing approaches to their project. In this post I’ll try to lay out a few approaches to addressing time constraints, but be clear with your expectations: entire books have been written on project time constraints, so I’m only hitting a few of the high points I’ve focused on in ...
    March 01, 2013
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    Top Five Pain Points Getting Started With Test Studio

    We recently asked current users of Test Studio what their top five challenges getting started with Test Studio software testing tools were. I think that list is an awesome starting point for a series targeted to help people get past these same problems! Here are the top five items called out by our customers: Time Constraints Timing Issues (Asynchronous events such as AJAX, JQuery) Find Expressions TFS Integration Build Process / Continuous Integration If you’ve worked in other automation domains (unit or integration testing, UI testing with tools other than Test Studio), then you’ll notice these same problems spanning all ...
    February 27, 2013