A few months back our announcement of Fiddler joining the Telerik family received huge response in the community. As part of our efforts, we made it a point to ask you for advice and feedback on next steps. Much like the news itself, this request was well received and funneled back to us amazing, interesting and very useful feedback and advice. The impact of the community has helped us stay focused and devoted to the thousands of Fiddler users, and deliver on our promise to provide better user experience, support resources and additional product features in the months to follow.

Fast forward 8 months - we made the first step together in November – you helped us choose Fiddler’s new logo. Now we are excited to share with you the first phase of the Fiddler’s website revamp! The main goal -- to make Fiddler’s website a bit easier to navigate and help you quickly find what you need.

We are now happy to offer the Fiddler community rich, up-to-date and publicly available documentation consisting of more than 100 product topics. Naturally, we’ll continue adding fresh content, keeping this a living and breathing document, always in sync with the upcoming product developments. We’ll be also adding new short videos to the Telerik Fiddler YouTube playlist to complement the currently available Fiddler resources.

In the next phase of the website redesign will be featuring integrated and consistent Forums experience.

We see today’s news as a next step in our journey to give back to the Fiddler community. As per your request, we will continue working on a major product UI facelift as well as enhanced product functionality to ensure all of your feedback is not only responded to, but acted upon. Please stay tuned for additional updates.

Christopher Eyhorn
EVP Testing Tools
Twitter: @ChrisEyhorn

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