• Company News

    There is a need for only five Metro style apps in the world.

    A blog by Doug Seven, Executive Vice President at Telerik. (Original post here) Over the past week I have spent some time playing with Windows 8 and the Samsung Windows 8 Developer Preview Device (SW8DPD). If you’ve spent any time lurking around the Start page or trying out the Metro apps you’ve likely come to the same conclusion I have. There are only five (5) Metro style application types. All of the Metro style app samples in the Windows 8 Developer Preview fit pretty nicely into one of these five categories, which leads me to assert that these are the five intended...
    September 21, 2011
  • .NET

    Brand new Silverlight LOB sample application by Telerik

    We uploaded a brand new sample application developed by our senior evangelist Evan Hutnick. “The Telerik Legal Dashboard demo application was built utilizing real requirements from our customers in order to provide a rich and interactive data display.  This application provides both a managerial view, in which you can slice and dice data with RadDataFilter and get instant results in both RadGridView and RadChart, as well as an executive overview with a dropdown to select pre-defined dashboard views to provide quick access to information with a rich display” says Evan. You can view the demo at: http://demos.telerik.com/silverlight/legaldashboard/ It is also included in the...
  • .NET Desktop

    Could a WinForms app get any slicker?

    It's finally out! As promised, we compiled this cool demo that uses a very simple but slick carousel UI. Now you can just give it a spin! The download contains updated versions of several other Telerik Windows Forms demos that we have recently added to our portfolio, such as a RadGridView exporting demo, which features our great Telerik.Reporting solution: I'll be very glad to have your feedback on this. Have fun!...
    August 25, 2008