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    The Present and Future of Using JSON in WebForms

    JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is the way to handle data on the client these days. It really is the cat’s pajamas. Almost all the client-side widgets or libraries that you’ll be working with will most likely be utilizing JSON, and sending large chunks of data over the wire as JSON as opposed to other bulky forms of data can lead to some dramatic performance increase across any application. I often come across individuals not sure of what JSON is, or how they can use it today, and I wanted to address this issue in a blog post. Of course I...
    April 27, 2012

    Take a Walk on the Client Side with WebAPI and WebForms

    In my last blog I introduced the basics of using ASP.NET AJAX and WebAPI together in the same project.  In addition, I showed how to bind results from WebAPI to a Telerik’s ASP.NET AJAX Grid. In this blog I will continue down this path and implement insert, update, and delete operations using WebAPI and RadGrid! Note: While this post focuses on using WebAPI in conjunction with RadGrid, most of the client code can be used when working with RadGrid in client mode.Set It Up! To get started an additional reference needs to be added to the project: System.Net.Http.Formatting Adding this reference allows us...
    April 26, 2012

    A Match Made in Http Heaven - ASP.NET Web Forms and WebAPI

    With the introduction of MVC 4 Microsoft has created a fantastic new way for developers to expose data via HTTP service.  WebAPI is extremely easy to configure when compared to WCF services, and can send content in a multitude of formats.  On top of that you can easily extend it at almost any level.  While WebAPI shipped with MVC 4, it can easily be used in Asp.Net AJAX as well!  In this blog we will take a look at setting up WebAPI in ASP.Net Web Forms Before We Get Started To follow along with this blog you will need to download and...
    April 19, 2012
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    Two New RadTips Episodes Featuring the RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX

    I’m happy to announce two new episode of RadTips, a series of screencasts offering tips and tricks for using Telerik's RadControls. If you've missed previous episodes, be sure to check them out on Telerik TV. Each is only a few minutes long and covers a specific feature of the RadControls. Grouping with the RadGrid In this episode I show ASP.NET AJAX developers how to using the built-in grouping feature of the RadGrid. I start by demonstrating how you can enable dynamic grouping by setting just a couple of properties, allowing users to group data at runtime. Next I demonstrate how to...
    March 26, 2009

    Replay: Client-side Tips & Tricks of the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX

    Last week I hosted a live webinar featuring the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX. If you missed it, I discussed some of the client-side features of the RadControls. Specifically, I demonstrated how to take control of the functionality of your controls on the client to build better, more performant web applications. In addition, I discussed client-side data binding with web services as well as how you can get started using jQuery with the RadControls. If you’d weren’t able to make it on Thursday, or if you would like to review the content a second time, you can check it out now on...
    March 09, 2009