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When I changed organizations within Telerik and came back to DevTools, I was assigned Windows 8 (JS/HTML) and our Just* Products to evangelize.  That meant getting up to speed on WinJS and Windows 8 as rapidly as possible.  I also know the pitfalls of writing too much “demo” code and not enough real project code.  What is the best way to learn a language?  Get assigned a deliverable!

My fellow Evangelists in the Windows 8 and Windows Phone space (Jesse Liberty and Michael Crump, respectively) and I got on a call and brainstormed about building something real that would:

  • Demonstrate our knowledge of our respective platforms,
  • Show off the Telerik controls, and
  • Contribute to making not only our lives easier, but easier for all of the people involved in events.

Conference Buddy grew from this brainstorming session.

What is it?

Jesse does a really good job explaining the concepts in this post, but in short, the app will

  • Help Evangelist/Sales/Marketing when they are at an event gather:
    • The entries for the rafflescreen02
    • Gather information about the attendees
      • Product Interest
      • Current Customer status
      • etc.
    • Gather information for Engineering
      • Feature requests
      • Problem reports
      • etc.
    • Enter requests for follow up
  • Helping Event sponsors/back end processing
    • Track Event data
      • Attendee count
      • Organizers
      • Speakers from Telerik
    • Track Sponsorship data
      • Was it sponsored?
      • What Level?
      • Was there a booth?

From inception, this effort has grown to include Carey Payette and Jeff Fritz, providing some help with the services and back end processing.

Where can I learn more about it?

Right here at the Telerik Blogs!  Each of us are blogging about Conference Buddy in our unique product line, and my intent is to keep this post up to date as a central repository for all of the Conference Buddy content.  I have them listed here in alphabetical order by product.

ASP.NET (WebAPI, Ajax, WebForms, MVC) – Jeff Fritz (


Windows 8 – WinJS – Phil Japikse (

Windows 8 – XAML – Jesse Liberty (

WPF - Jesse Liberty & Carey Payette

Windows Phone – Michael Crump (

Windows Forms – Carey Payette (


As we continue to build Conference Buddy, keep checking back here for the latest information!

About the Author

Phil Japikse

is an international speaker, a Microsoft MVP, ASPInsider, INETA Community Champion, MCSD, CSM/ CSP, and a passionate member of the developer community. Phil has been working with .Net since the first betas, developing software for over 20 years, and heavily involved in the agile community since 2005. Phil also hosts the Hallway Conversations podcast ( and serves as the Lead Director for the Cincinnati .Net User’s Group ( You can follow Phil on twitter via, or read his personal blog at


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