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    Adding Formatting for Data and Columns and Sorting to the RadGrid for Windows 8 HTML

    In this post we further explore the RadGrid for Windows 8 HTML by adding formatting and sorting.
    March 28, 2013
  • People

    Conference Buddy

    Check out the latest status of the Conference Buddy applications being developed in Windows 8 (XAML and WinJS), Windows Phone, ASP.NET WebForms, and Windows Forms.
    February 23, 2013
  • Release

    What’s New in Telerik Windows 8 UI Controls Beta 2, Compatible with Windows 8 RTM

    Now that Windows 8 RTM is available to developers, we have prepared a BETA 2 update of our Windows 8 UI suite. This update is fully compatible with the latest Win8 bits as well as it adds several new components/features that we believe will add even more value to the suite. I can’t wait to share what’s new, so let’s get straight to the list: HTML – Date/Time pickers Our commitment is to deliver same components and user experience regardless of the platform – be it XAML or HTML. Following this commitment we have added DatePicker and TimePicker components to the HTML part of the suite...
    August 16, 2012
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    Consuming RadControls for Metro/XAML from C++

    Two weeks ago we released a public BETA of the world’s first commercial library for building Windows 8 Metro applications – Telerik RadControls for Metro. So far we have gathered lots of positive feedback as well as some specific questions regarding our XAML components. Such an interesting question is whether our controls can be used in a C++ application. Prior to WinRT (Windows Runtime), the XAML platform was available to managed developers only and we, at Telerik, have solid technical background with C# and .NET. That’s why we have built our Metro XAML components using C# and the .NET runtime. We performed...
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    Getting started with Telerik RadControls for Metro – diving into the Examples Application

    We are proud to announce the first publicly available BETA release of the world’s first commercial toolkit for Windows 8 Metro applications – our RadControls for Metro suite. We have worked hard during the past few months in order to prepare first-class components, designed and built from the ground-up for the Microsoft’s new platform for building immersive applications – the Windows Runtime. As with every Telerik product line, we have also prepared a complete application (QSF – Quick Start Framework) that demos various aspects of our controls and may be used as an entry point for getting familiar with the controls. In...