• Cloud Mobile

    7 Steps to a Successful Mobile Deployment

    With more than 2 million apps available in public app stores competition for user engagement has become fierce. To be successful in this competitive space, mobile apps must offer users an exceptional experience. The following steps, when used within the context of a listen/adapt loop, can help teams deploy a successful mobile app.
    June 12, 2014
  • Cloud Mobile

    26 Essential Metrics for Successful Mobile Apps

    To make your mobile app a success, you need to constantly improve it. In fact, Gartner suggests a release cycle of 1.5 - 2 months for mobile apps. So how should you identify which parts of your app to improve? For this, application analytics are a must. This infographic called "26 Essential Metrics for Successful Mobile Apps" lists the questions every developer should be able to answer so they can create superstar apps. Armed with the answers to these questions -- plus proper marketing, of course -- every developer should be able to make successful apps.
  • Cloud Mobile

    Catch Bugs Before They Reach Your Mobile Users

    With mobile apps continuing to thrive and enterprise apps being on the rise, flawless performance is critical. If your app crashes, users will quickly abandon it and find another way to go about their business. Here are six things you can do to improve and monitor your app's uptime.
  • .NET

    Application Analytics – Exposing the Benefits of Tracking Feature Usage

    Learn how feature usage tracking in applications can benefit your organization.
    January 07, 2014
  • Cloud Mobile

    Analytics: a turnkey solution for development teams

    Application analytics are one of the most valuable sources of information to a development team because they help measure an application’s usage and runtime performance in a real-world setting. And yet, far too often, development teams choose not to instrument their applications to gather this information.
    October 25, 2013