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    Handling Proxy in .NET

    Correctly handling the proxy behavior in the .NET and COM monitors is a matter of getting the application hosting the monitor to setup configuration. This can be done through configuration files or through code and this post shows you how
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    Updates to Installation, Feature Value and Feature Timing Views

    We have drastically improved the Installation view in this update, providing more explicit and actionable data for New Users and most significantly the Loyalty visualization which now includes a view over time. Furthermore, we updated the Feature Timings and Feature Values visualization to use this same timed visualization in combination with the ability to set up custom intervals for your recorded data.
    February 26, 2013
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    Environment Filter and other improvements

    The new additions to the service include the ability to use Environment data in the Advanced Query and improvements to the usability of the filtering experience by introducing an ability to tag and annotate individual items. Also included is a new feature that allows you to better control how data in the feature views are visualized by providing both expand and collapse functionality.
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    Feature View and visualization improvements

    This post highlights the new additions to the service, namely the ability to compose and combine your individual feature data to more powerful data visualizations and ways to further improve the readability of your data by allowing custom names and visibility to be assign to the individual data series.
    September 05, 2012
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    Workbench and Advanced Queries

    Highlighting the new additions to the service added in June 2012, most prominently the ability to store specific data in a workbench and generating more advanced queries that will be processed in the background and displayed in the workbench