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At Progress, we always strive to listen and act on your feedback. That’s why I am happy to announce a brand new services status page aimed at keeping you informed about our most utilized Telerik and Kendo UI services. Based on all the information we’ve gathered from you during the past year, here are the important highlights.

Keep Track of all Telerik and Kendo UI Services You Use

We keep an eye on each front that may affect you. This includes all important services used for distribution, development and even production purposes—and also, the assets used daily by our clients. Here is the full list:

  • Telerik NuGet feed
  • Kendo UI Bower
  • Kendo UI CDN
  • Kendo UI Dojo
  • Documentation sites
  • Demo sites
  • Product Forums

Be Aware of Issues Before They Impact You or Your Clients

The status page provides the ability to subscribe for notifications about incidents or planned maintenance. The best thing here is that you have several options to do this:

  • email notifications
  • text messages on your phone
  • webhook notifications that can be sent directly in your chat clients
  • Atom or RSS feed

All of these can be accessed under the “Subscribe to Updates” button, at the top-right corner of the status page.


For the Ones that Won’t Read this Blog Post

We have you covered as well, as in case of an incident, we will show a notification directly on our support tickets submission page. This way, all affected customers will know what is happening even before they ask.


Head Over to the New Status Page

Finally, we all agree that our main efforts must be targeted to not having live service incidents at all and believe me, we have done a lot on that front as well. Should it happen however, we decided to invest in a status page, so that you are informed about everything that can disturb your business or tight development schedule.

Now head over to and subscribe to receive notifications right in your inbox or phone. Let us know what you think in the comments, too.


Kaloyan Kotorov
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Kaloyan Kotorov

Kaloyan Kotorov is a Technical Support Engineer Lead, Senior and as such is passionate about customer service and software development. Outside work, Kaloyan loves spending time in self-improvement, computer games and various sports.  


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