Like it or not, another browser has been added to the list of Windows browsers that you need to test your application against before deploying to production. Apple's release of Safari for Windows is unlikely to to win a lot of converts from FireFox and IE, but if your application must be widely available to as many users as possible it cannot be ignored in your testing.

One of the advantages of using RadControls in your projects is Telerik's dedication to delivering cross browser compatibility. And even though Safari on Windows is still a beta product (thus not officially supported by Telerik at this time), the RadControls for ASP.NET already work (almost) flawlessly in the "new" browser. All of your RadControls with Ajax work. All of the advanced features of controls like RadGrid and RadEditor work. The only things that don't work perfectly in the new browser are visual problems, things that can be easily fixed by some CSS tweaks in the next RadControls release.

Sometimes it is easy to take this level of browser compatibility for granted when you are used to working with the RadControls. For a quick reality check, try loading some of the AjaxControlToolkit controls in Safari for Windows. Controls like the Toolkit Calendar totally fail (visually speaking) in Safari making them completely unusable. I've often been asked how tools like RadCalendar are better than free controls in the AjaxControlToolkit- Safari browser support is another great point in case.

To help show these differences to those of you who do not want (or have the time) to download the Safari beta, I've created a new screenshot gallery showing various RadControls in the new browser and comparing them to some of the controls in the AjaxControlToolkit. So if you were worried about your project working in the new browser from Apple, breath a sigh of relief (if you're using the RadControls). For the most part, everything looks good.

View RadControls in Safari for Windows gallery
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