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The Telerik R2 2022 is here with tons of productivity updates

See what’s new in the Telerik R2 2022 release with our reporting, automated testing, mocking and debugging productivity tools.

The Telerik R2 release introduces new productivity and security features, enhanced integrations with the Telerik and Kendo UI component libraries and .NET 7 Preview support. Navigate reports more efficiently, eliminate duplicate work, get advanced web security suggestion options and collaborate more effectively on your projects with the Telerik reporting, automated testing, mocking and debugging tools.

The focus of all recent Telerik and Kendo UI product family updates is to help our customers implement modern, consistent and accessible UI, which is backed by the growing number of components and features introduced into our libraries. An important aspect of the ambitious goal to help you always be on top of your game is having additional productivity boosters that affect your entire application lifecycle.

R2 2022 Release Highlights

The R2 2022 release focuses on improved integration between our own tools. The productivity updates we are introducing will positively impact the overall experience of developing, testing, deploying and monitoring Telerik and Kendo UI-built applications and will turn it into a smooth, consistent, predictable and much more enjoyable process.

The Telerik R2 2022 is here with tons of productivity updates

With this latest release, we help you handle reports with ease, automate apps and tasks faster, and always have access to the latest .NET framework support in your favorite productivity tools. On May 11, 2022, we’re shipping a ton of new features and improvements that are all serving the purpose of helping you deliver modern, consistent and defect-free applications with the most reliable productivity stack:

  • Telerik Reporting Web Designer is now compatible with the theming and widgets of the latest Kendo UI generation (R1 2022 SP1).
  • Telerik JustMock and Reporting add .NET 7 Preview 3/4 support (depending on MS Release schedule).
  • Test Studio introduces improved test automation features for Telerik and Kendo UI-built applications.
  • Fiddler Everywhere ships with Session Comparison feature, Security suggestions, and improvements to Rules, Advanced Filters and Overview Tab.

More details below.

Productivity Webinar

Join us for the live R2 2022 productivity release webinar on Thursday, May 19, at 11 a.m. ET as our Developer Advocate Sam Basu and product team members present in detail the major updates across our reporting, testing, mocking and debugging tools.

Save Your Seat

Don’t miss our Developer Advocates chat live about the release on the Twitch CodeItLive channel on Friday, May 13, at 10:00 a.m. ET. Make sure to join the interactive productivity tools session as these are informative but also a lot of fun.

Highlights for Each Productivity Tool

Dive into all features and updates across your favorite productivity tools—Telerik Reporting, Test Studio, Just Mock and Fiddler Everywhere—released with R2 2022!

Telerik Reporting

Telerik Reporting, our .NET embedded reporting tool, introduces a Universal Search box traversing the Toolbox, Properties area and Report Explorer, and simplifying navigation of the Web Report Designer.

You can start searching by hitting Ctrl + F and can locate any report item, any property of the selected report item or even add a new one. When selected, the target asset will get focused and highlighted. To be precise, if a new data source component is selected, it will start the respective data source wizard directly.

Universal Search box in Telerik Reporting

The Web Report Designer allows you to organize available reports in folders. The last release introduced the Assets manager to conveniently store assets such as images, CSV and JSON files, and style sheets on the server. It is also used when selecting a report to be referenced in another report. Now, the Assets manager allows the report definitions to be organized in folders enabling the user to navigate better and more efficiently. In regard to the Report Server, this functionality organizes the available reports by category, making the selection much easier.

Telerik Reporting relies strongly on the Kendo UI JavaScript component library to provide the best possible user experience. When Kendo UI is evolving, Telerik Reporting follows. With this release, we significantly improved the UI layer and stylization implementations of the Web Report Designer so that it is future proof for the latest theming mechanism introduced in Kendo UI version R1 2022 SP1.

Following the latest updates introduced by Microsoft, with this release we also compiled and tested our runtime to target the .NET 7 Preview 3. For an easy start, we have added a dedicated copy of our deployed examples that can be loaded into Visual Studio.

This release also brings UX improvements that affect browsing through the reports and any other assets listed in the Report Server. Its assets, which are displayed in grid views, are now paged for faster retrieval and easier navigation. Their default sorting is improved and, what is more important, any customization of that sorting gets stored locally for the end user.

Get a detailed overview of what’s new in Telerik Reporting and Telerik Report Server.

Telerik Just Mock

For many years adding a new property, method or other modification to an already existing interface meant that all implementations of that interface would be broken following the modification. And, of course, all those implementations had to be fixed to support updates. The introduction of default implementations of interfaces changed that process altogether. It is a great improvement for the C# ecosystem and what better news than that it is now supported by Telerik JustMock, our mocking tool for crafting unit tests.

Telerik JustMock

We have also been busy keeping up with Microsoft’s .NET development pace. That is why we are happy to announce that JustMock now supports .NET 7 Preview 1. We will not stop updating JustMock along with Microsoft’s upcoming development, with the goal to introduce Day-Zero support for the official version this autumn.

One of the most requested features in the recent JustMock product survey was the ability to generate a mock for a specified method. Our team always takes feedback from our customers seriously, which is why with R2 2022 JustMock is shipping with the requested functionality for basic properties and methods. We will make sure to enhance it in the releases to follow by adding support for more complex mocking scenarios.

Get a detailed overview of what’s new in Telerik JustMock.

Fiddler Everywhere

The latest Fiddler Everywhere release introduces new features and improvements that will enhance your debugging experience and workflow and help you build complex simulations for testing and web traffic troubleshooting.

The new Session Comparison feature allows you to compare two session rows from the same tab and analyze why two requests have different responses even though they might look the same. You can find out why one request is failing, and the other is passing and what is causing the issues directly in Fiddler Everywhere.

Fiddler Everywhere Compare Sessions Feature

Fiddler Everywhere is committed to providing security features—the first one of which shipped with this release. You can now find out-of-the-box details about the Server Certificate established with each session and if it is valid, expiring soon or already expired—represented in a specific color each. You can inspect the certificate’s Issued to, Issued by, Public Key, Fingerprints and more, as well as review certificate errors.

Further enhancements were introduced to improve Rules’ settings and behavior, Advanced Filters and Overview Inspector tab. Autocompletion support in the Rule Builder, adding comments to rules and UI improvements to the sessions and requests panel are just a few of the goodies you will find in Fiddler Everywhere.

Read more about the Fiddler Everywhere release updates.

Telerik Test Studio

Test Studio, our automated testing tool for functional, load and API testing, is backed by a technology for automating components that offers exclusive support for the Telerik and Kendo UI libraries by way of built-in translators. The translators are extensions that open an element and expose its properties, which makes it easy for Test Studio to identify any element during recording and provide you with out-of-the-box action and verification steps for that element.

Test Studio translators for the most popular Telerik and Kendo UI components

With this release, Test Studio introduces versioning and backward compatibility for all Test Studio translators. You can now select the version of the Telerik and Kendo UI components your application is built with, which triggers Test Studio to load the corresponding translators. That will help prevent your tests from breaking due to failing to recognize the component under test.

Test Studio also ships with new default test settings, aiming at enhancing test stability and reliability in modern application testing. These updates are based on customer feedback and will help reduce technical debt and avoid duplicate efforts when creating test automation for a project.

Read more about the Test Studio release updates.

Telerik .NET and Kendo UI Webinars

Discover all updates across Telerik UI for Blazor, UI for ASP.NET Core, UI for ASP.NET MVC, UI for ASP.NET AJAX, UI for WPF, UI for WinForms, UI for WinUI, UI for Xamarin and UI for MAUI. Join the Telerik Web, Desktop & Mobile R2 2022 Release Webinar on Tuesday, May 17 at 11:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m. ET.

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Discover all updates across our JavaScript component libraries—KendoReact and Kendo UI for Angular, Vue and jQuery. Join the Kendo UI R2 2022 Release Webinar on Tuesday, May 18 at 11:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m. ET.

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And, again, see the major updates across our reporting, testing, mocking and debugging tools in action during the Telerik Reporting, Automated Testing, Mocking and Debugging Tools Webinar on Thursday, May 19, at 11 a.m. ET.

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Live Twitch Sessions

Join the live demo sessions on Twitch to see the newly released components and features in action and get ideas on how to use them in your projects. Chat with the team and get your questions answered on the spot!

Interested in all? That’s great! Add all Twitch sessions to your calendar with one click.

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