• Testing

    Bringing UI Test Automation Into CI/CD

    Companies are starting to embrace advances in thinking around quality of releases being key, by adopting a “shift left” mindset to bring testing earlier into the delivery cycle.
    Purposeful testing and feedback efforts early in the delivery cycle lead to better understanding of what’s to be built. The 'Bringing UI automation Into CI/CD' whitepaper by modernization strategist Jim Holmes discusses some of the key challenges and choices QA, test engineers and leads face along their journey of implementing automated UI testing in their organizations.
    November 24, 2020
  • Testing

    Blazing Fast Test Recording and Performance Optimizations with Test Studio R3 2020

    Test Studio R3 2020 Ships With New Test Recording UI & Native Blazor Testing Translators
    Automated testing often puts QA and test engineers through a tough and time-consuming automation journey with product success or quality at stake. To make it a lot easier for test and QA engineers to adopt automated testing and take full advantage of its benefits, we’ve further strengthened Test Studio with productivity hacks and improved automation workflows.
    November 10, 2020
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    Responsive Web Design: The Vox Populi in the Age of Mobile

    The importance of responsive web design and how to successfully test responsive web apps
    In today’s mobile-first reality responsive web design is crucial for building websites and applications successfully and meeting the growing demands and expectations of the mobile user. Responsive testing, however, might be a cumbersome job as it often requires repetitive testing, switching browser modes or changing devices to cover different scenarios or form factors.
    September 30, 2020