We are happy to announce the arrival of the latest Telerik WPF and Silverlight components in the last major release for this year—Q3 2015. A detailed list of all new features can be found in our What’s New sections for WPF and Silverlight. All other details are included in our thorough release notes here for WPF and here for Silverlight.

New Controls

DesktopAlert (Official)

RadDesktopAlert for WPF will display a small pop-up window on the desktop to notify the user that a specific event in the application has occurred.

TimeSpanPicker (Beta)

The new RadTimeSpanPicker for WPF enables your end users to easily pick timespan values in desktop applications. The control provides full control over time and duration in any desktop app.


New Features


Support for NuGet package which targets OData v4. Telerik.Windows.Controls.DataServices60 assembly is built against OData v4 corresponding binary—Microsoft.Data.Services.Client. Its version is 6.13.0 and all a customer needs to do is to update the references to be the same latest version of the OData assemblies.


Introduced support for GIF and TIFF import/export and ICO import.


Introduced API for exporting PDF documents to plain text.

RibbonView for WPF

Now RadRibbonView supports keyboard navigation where the active element is highlighted once the KeyTips are activated. This feature allows users to navigate through all items inside the RadRibbonView simply by using the ArrowKeys (Left/Right/Top/Down). Users also can execute the action associated with the element which is currently focused by using the Space/Enter keys.   



Implemented Multiple Selection mode which is consistent with the same mode in RadListBox, RadGridView, etc. Multiple Selection refers to Selecting/Deselecting items with a single ​mouse click or a single space key press. Until Q3 2015 Extended and Multiple Selection had the same behavior.

WordsProcessing for WPF

RTF Format Provider: Implemented omitting of color definitions in the color table, if a color is set to "auto" or "transparent."

HTML Format Provider: Introduced support for downloading image data only on demand when importing an image with URI source.

You can download the latest bits for WPF and Silverlight and see everything by yourselves. You can enjoy our WPF and Silverlight demos and share your thoughts through our Forums or our Ideas & Feedback portal

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Telerik XAML Team

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