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Telerik UI for Silverlight is Retiring

Driven by the evolution of technology and industry standards, Progress Software is deprecating Telerik UI for Silverlight effective December 1, 2023. Technical support and critical fixes will be available until December 1, 2024.

UI for Silverlight Q3 2015

September 29, 2015

All Controls

  • Multiple private methods of QueryableCollectionView updated to protected in order to support inheritance.
  • Telerik.Windows.Controls.Navigation.dll breaks XAML intellisense in VS 2015.
  • AutomationXmlSerializer.Serialize() throws an exception when property contains the 0x03 character.


  • Initially the image of the Breadcrumb's Header is not shown.


  • NullReferenceException in the AutomatonPeers is thrown when the BusyContent is set to null.
  • BusyIndicator BusyContent is not changed if it is set to null.
  • UIElements directly set as BusyContent are not displayed.
  • Changed the localization implementation of BusyContent property. Now if you need to show the default text and support changing the culture at run time, you would need to clear the value of BusyContent property and reapply the control template of RadBusyIndicator right after changing the culture: Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = new CultureInfo("es"); Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = new CultureInfo("es"); this.busyIndicator.ClearValue(RadBusyIndicator.BusyContentProperty); this.busyIndicator.OnApplyTemplate();


  • RadioButton does not recognize mouse clicks when clicked between the button and the text in Office, Summer, Vista and Windows7 themes.
  • Corners are not rounded properly when disabled in Vista and Windows7 themes.
  • There is a visual glitch on SplitButton's MouseOver when DropDownButtonPosition is Left, Top or Bottom in VisualStudio2013 theme.
  • SplitButton's border is not changed when disabled in Office2013 and VisualStudio2013 themes.


  • Incorrect localization strings for all supported cultures different than EN when the Chart is being used together with ScheduleView.


  • The inner radius of the DoughnutSeries is calculated incorrectly.


  • Changing FontSize runtime is fully supported with StyleManager for all themes.
  • MaskedNumericInputs for selecting CMYK values are misaligned when CMYK mode is selected.


  • There is a missing inner border for ColorPaletteViewItem's MouseOver state in Office, Transparent, Summer, Vista and Office2013 themes.


  • NullReferenceException in SubscribeToNavigationEvents method.


  • Support for NuGet package which targets OData v4. Telerik.Windows.Controls.DataServices60 assembly is built against OData v4 corresponding binary - Miscosoft.Data.Services.Client. Its version is 6.13.0 and all a customer needs to do is to update the references to be the same latest version of the OData assemblies.
  • Telerik.Windows.Controls.DataServices50 assembly is built against the latest stable version of OData v3 corresponding binary - Miscosoft.Data.Services.Client. Its version is 5.6.4 and all a customer needs to do is to update the references to be the same latest version of the OData assemblies.


  • The following Styles have renamed keys in Q3 2015. "CustomToggleButtonStyle" is now renamed to "DiagramExpandToggleButtonStyle" and "CustomButtonStyle" is now renamed to "DiagramAutofitButtonStyle". These styles are the default values of the ExpandButtonStyle and AutoFitButtonStyle properties of the RadDiagramNavigationPane.


  • The AutoHide area is not opened if the pane is made active and the focus is moved out of it.

DragDrop Manager

  • Changed the color of NoneEffect drag drop indicator for the VisualStudio2013 and Office2013 to be red.


  • "Week" string shown when using Week TickInterval in GanttView is not translated.


  • Memory leak occurs in RadHorizontalLinearGauge in live data scenarios.


  • Improve performance of data operations (that cause CollectionChanged) when row alternation is enabled and GroupRenderMode=Nested.
  • Template set through GroupFooterTempalteSelector is applied to random GroupFooterCells on scrolling.
  • SelectionDrag ScrollViewerAdjusted event handler can result in a memory leak. Undisposed event handler keeps reference to RadGridView.
  • NullReferenceException in OnSelectCurrentUnitCommand method.
  • "Cell is already in the collection" exception is thrown on pasting multiple items when ClipboardPasteMode is AllSelectedRows and IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem is true.
  • Setting ColumnGroups on AutoGenertingColumn event is not reflected by the UI.


  • Exception in InformationLayer if you bind MapLayer.Location property of the objects in the layer.
  • InformationLayer throws NullReferenceException if rotated MapPath is added runtime.


  • ValueChanged is called twice with the same value on LostFocus when UpdateValueToMatchTextOnLostFocus="True".
  • Value can be changed using the mouse wheel when IsReadOnly is True.

PDF Viewer

  • Tiling patterns are rendered incorrectly when some transformation is applied.
  • Color Key Mask works only when the image is with RGB colorspace.
  • Some symbols are missing when opening a PDF file with embedded fonts.


  • Introduced support for Cross Reference Stream.
  • Introduced API for exporting PDF documents to plain text.
  • Implemented option to invert colors when creating ImageSource using DecodeArray property.
  • Introduced support for importing Page Contents from PdfArray.
  • Introduced support for importing documents with multiple Cross Reference Tables.
  • Introduced support for import and export of IccBased, Indexed and CMYK color spaces.
  • Provided the ability to import TrueType font with FontFamily, when there is no available embedded FontFile.
  • Introduced support for "v" and "y" Bezier geometry operators.
  • Introduced support for import of "Close and stroke path" path-painting operator.
  • Exception is thrown when importing an image without filters.
  • Document Trailer cannot be imported when the trailer is written on a single row. Exception is thrown.
  • Import of cross reference table throws an exception if the document is created with Telerik Reporting.
  • PdfReader cannot read line ending with a single carriage return without any line feed.
  • TextMatrix operator takes its arguments in reverse order.
  • Path is not visualized when it is interrupted by insertion of a rectangle in the content stream.
  • When importing standard font with ANSI encoding the exported document contains invisible glyphs.
  • Clipping transformations are not imported correctly.


  • Multiple Microsoft.GeneratedCode assemblies are loaded due to xml serialization.


  • Deferred filtering. RadPropertyGrid will expose a new property named EnableDeferredFiltering. Once it is set, searching by writing in the search text box will be executed on lost focus/ enter/tab key.
  • RadPropertyGrid hangs when navigating through the fields in a grouped scenario.
  • Binding to enum property from dynamic object throws exception.
  • Modifying PropertyDefinitions IsReadOnly property at run-time, does not update the editor's binding.


  • Exposed new property controlling when to activate the KeyTips.
  • The first ribbon tab is selected when the IsDefaultItemSelected property is set to False.
  • Collapsed contextual tab can not be made visible until the contextual group is reactivated.
  • When a group is collapsed its icon background is white in the dark variation of VisualStudio2013 theme.
  • The foreground of RadRibbonTab in Selected State is changed to be the same as in Normal State for Windows8, Windows8Touch and Office2013 themes. Also the MouseOver state no longer changes the foreground in Windows8 and Windows8Touch themes.


  • RTF Format Provider: Implemented omitting of color definitions in the color table, if a color is set to "auto" or "transparent".
  • Updated RadRichTextBox UI components to use IconSources.
  • When inserting annotation in a paragraph with large LineSpacing, the paragraph shifts down.
  • Merging vertically equal number of table cells in all columns removes the rows.
  • Text with MS PGothic font doesn't have a correct layout in certain font sizes.
  • Rectangular selection in a table does not clear previous selection.
  • Incorrect layout when there is only one character between 'No line break after' and 'No line break before' characters at the end of the line.
  • Prohibited Line breaking character is visualized across/over table border when LineBreakingRuleLanguage property is set to Japanese.
  • Full-width space is moved to the next line instead of flowing to the document margin.
  • When Insert Date&Time command is executed, the date is inserted as many times as the command is executed.
  • Performing Undo/Redo of update of a TOC field causes deleting part of the document.
  • The icon for Paragraph Left Alignment is flipped.
  • Invalid document structure causes infinite cycle when editing a document with page break.
  • IME: Reconversion behavior (Ctrl + Backspace) is different for Left/Right Ctrl key.
  • Removed wrongly exposed attributes affecting MEF extensibility.


  • If invalid recurrence pattern is selected In EditRecurrenceDialog, Ok button is not disabled.
  • In the EditRecurrenceDialog the Ok button is disabled when the Appointments has duration more than 7 days.
  • AppointmentCalendarExporter throws exception when custom IExceptionOccurrence is used.
  • The RecurrencePatternHelper.TryParseRecurrencePattern method throws exception when the string to parse ends with ";".


  • The currency number format in Spanish culture (es-VE) cannot be parsed and an exception is thrown.
  • "INDEX" function is not updated when used in a complex formula.
  • Importing document containing data validation rule which argument is formula containing list separator in a culture where the list separator is not ',' causes a crash.
  • A document with ShowGridlines, ShowRowColHeaders and Locked properties set to "true" or "false" cannot be imported.
  • A date format containing '/' or ':' escaped using '\' or '"' is not interpreted correctly.


  • Improved the touch performance.
  • When RadSpreadsheet is in a window in Out Of Browser application and edit mode is entered, the application freezes.
  • The currency number format in Spanish culture (es-VE) cannot be parsed and an exception is thrown.
  • Null reference exception is thrown when hiding rows and columns headings, after a document with freeze panes is loaded in the constructor of the application.
  • "INDEX" function is not updated when used in a complex formula.
  • Exception is thrown when visible size is restricted.
  • KeyNotFoundException is thrown when using Circle Invalid data and merged cells.
  • A document with ShowGridlines, ShowRowColHeaders and Locked properties set to "true" or "false" cannot be imported.


  • The GetStringOverride method is called twice for the DateTimeWatermarkContent property.

Touch Manager

  • Drag and Drop does not work under touch when TouchManager.IsTouchEnabled=False.


  • TransitionControl doesn't animate correctly its content when it's placed inside of ViewBox.


  • Memory Leak in RadTreeListView when Expand/Collapse items. Child items are not disposed.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in ProcessDataItemPropertyChanged method.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in certain scenarios when an edited cell is unloaded at run-time (hiding a column, unloading RadTreeListView).


  • Selection is not performed with KeyDown on focused but not selected RadTreeViewItem.
  • Implemented Multiple selection mode which is consistent with the same mode in RadListBox, RadGridView, etc. Multiple Selection refers to Selecting / Deselecting items with single Mouse click or single space key press. Until Q3 2015 this Extended and Multiple Selection had the same behavior.


  • Introduced IsContentPreserved property to indicate whether the state of the page's content will be preserved when selection is changed.
  • SelectionChanging and SelectionChanged event are not raised after SelectedPageIndex is changed through Next/Previous event's argument and SelectionChanging event is cancelled.
  • Control is not visible in the designer of both Visual Studio and Blend with implicit styles.

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