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We are happy to announce the arrival of the latest Telerik WPF and Silverlight components in the last major release for this year: Q3 2014. A detailed list of all new features can be found in our What’s New sections for WPF and Silverlight. All other details are included in our thorough release notes here for WPF and here for Silverlight.

The important highlights this autumn are:

New WPF Sample Application:

Client Relationship Management system (CRM)

Our goal is to present how you can use Telerik UI for WPF to build the backbone application for any business, a CRM. Of course, this is not a full-blown and feature complete application you can use right away for any business, but it’s definitely a good start. Alongside our GridView, ChartView, Map and ScheduleView, you can find a whole bunch of other useful controls like ComboBox, Sparklines, TabControl, Sparklines, etc. We added the ability to change the themes of the application and observe how Telerik WPF components blend with each other. I am sure many of you have stumbled upon such projects, so any feedback you could provide will be very useful to move this sample application further.

Also you can use our Feedback portal to share your ideas for other sample applications you would like to see with Telerik components.

New Controls:

RadialMenu (Beta)

This is a long waited addition to our touch capabilities of WPF and Silverlight components. The Beta version of RadialMenu is highly customizable and can be easily integrated with each control and within each application.


We’ve had our Tooltip control integrated in our controls for quite some time now. After a lot of client requests, we are introducing it as a standalone component which can take advantage of all built-in themes.

New Features:

Merged Cells: RadGridView for WPF will automatically merge adjacent cells that have the same value vertically or horizontally.

Support for Tables: RadPDFProcessing now offers an easy way to define tables in your PDF documents.

MailMerge: WordsProcessing can export merged documents to Docx, .rtf and HTML.

Major improvements in TileList for performance and Group Headers and Tiles alignment.

RibbonViewBackstage new “Office 2013 look.”

With Q3 2014, PropertyGrid provides EditorAtribute which enables all users to define an editor for each property directly in its definition.

As always, don’t get my word for it, download the bits for WPF and Silverlight and give them a try. Don’t miss our WPF and Silverlight demos and share your thoughts through our Forums or our Ideas and Feedback Portal.

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