Release History


UI for Silverlight Q3 2014

October 26, 2014

RadialMenu (New)

  • Circular menu that comes with support for selection, commands, events and many customization options.
  • Allows users to drill-down into different levels of items that provide variety of options to choose from.

PathButton (New)

  • Allows users to easily add custom geometry to the button.

ToolTip (New)

  • Allows users to easily customize and show tooltips on various controls.

All Controls

  • AutomationManager which gives control over the Automation Peers behavior. The disabling and enabling of Automation peers is done through the AutomationMode property. It is an enumeration located in the Telerik.Windows.Automation.Peers namespace. It exposes the following values:
    • Disabled - this option will disable creating of automation peers of Telerik controls.
    • FrameworkOnly - this option will include only the base methods of automation peers of MS classes.
    • Advanced - will create the full AutomationPeer implementation for Telerik UI controls.
  • Added built-in localization strings for Spanish, German, Turkish, Italian, Dutch and French languages.
  • An exception is thrown in some partial-trust scenarios when a project references the DataVisualization assembly.


  • New boolean property - ShowText, that specifies if the text is displayed under the barcode image.
  • The decoder does not read correctly the first digit that is decoded in EAN-13 barcode.
  • The spaces around the marker for the center of the EAN13 barcode are not correct.


  • Improve keyboard navigation.


  • MemoryButtonsVisibility property of RadCalculatorPicker is not respected.


  • Focus border is added to the CalendarButton in ExpressionDark theme.
  • Remove the additional empty, non-visible CalendarButton generated in the Calendar.
  • Navigation buttons are not updated when changing SelectedDate with code.


  • BindingExpression errors when changing a theme at runtime.


  • Support for specifying per series tooltip template.
  • Implemented ActualMajorStep property.
  • Implemented ActualRange and ActualVisibleRange as dependency properties for the DateTimeContinuousAxis, LinearAxis and LogarithmicAxis.
  • Implemented ActualRangeChanged and ActualVisibleRangeChanged events for the DateTimeContinuousAxis, LinearAxis and LogarithmicAxis.
  • Removed the limitation in PolarAxis where negative values are handled as positive.
  • Introduced grid line interval properties for the CartesianChartGrid that allow one in n grid lines to be shown.
  • Introduced API to configure the mouse and keyboard combinations that trigger the drag-to-zoom and drag-to-pan operations.
  • Provided API for specifying a minimum effective size of the drag-to-zoom rectangle.
  • Ability to cancel a drag-to-zoom operation.
  • NullReferenceException when the Visibility of a CartesianCustomAnnotation is initially set to Collapsed.
  • Axis incorrectly extends the manually set range when DesiredTicksCount is set.
  • Changing the DefaultVisualStyle at runtime to a style that has no Width and Height setters results in incorrectly sized points.
  • Chart is not rendered in a scenario with bound PanZoomBar visibility.
  • ChartSelectionBehavior selects an item on MouseUp disregarding whether MouseDown occurred over the same item.
  • DevideByZero exception when the Maximum of the PolarAxis is set to Р° small value.
  • IndexOutOfRangeException when setting a Palette to a RadPieChart while switching a theme at runtime.
  • Intersection points are shown and track ball line is snapped to DataPoints that were removed in the TrackInfoUpdated event.
  • Missing annotation when the chart is placed inside TabControl and its PanZoomBars are collapsed.
  • NullReferenceException when clearing series that are data bound to a ChartDataSource.
  • PolarAxis disregards the manually set Minimum and always leaves it zero.


  • IsTabStop="False" set on the ComboBoxItems is ignored.
  • Background is not applied in RadComboBox in Windows8 theme.
  • The Foreground of disabled non editable ComboBox doesn't look the same as the Foreground of disabled TextBox in Office 2013 theme.


  • Unable to open RadDropDownButton with RadContextMenu as a DropDownContent when the button is placed inside RadContextMenu.


  • BindingExpression errors when changing a theme at runtime.


  • AutoEdit does not begin edit initially when ViewModel is loaded with MEF bootstrapper.
  • BindingExpression errors when changing a theme at runtime.
  • There is not enough space between first and previous buttons in RadDataForm's collection navigator in Office2013 theme.


  • Exposed a property to set the DiagramBehaviors.TextWrapping attached property on diagram level.
  • Introduced Route property in the IConnection interface which determines if the connection will be automatically routed.
  • AllowPaste property of the RadDiagram doesn't apply in MVVM scenario.
  • RadGeometryRadioButton control template is not consistent with other Geometry buttons in all themes.
  • Adding RadDiagramConnection in RadDiagramContainerShape doesn't work correctly.
  • An exception is thrown when a connection is added into container shape in an MVVM scenario.
  • Binding (even setting) the RadDiagramShape.RenderTransformOrigin is not working in Style.
  • On graphSource change the old graphSource's collectionChanged event is not detached.
  • Unexpected container resizing if you try to align the container and its children simultaneously.
  • When diagram is exported to image the Background Brush is not exported correctly if you use DPI different than 96.
  • Changed the namespace of the GeometryParser from the Telerik.Windows.Controls.Diagrams to Telerik.Windows.Controls.
  • Changed the namespace of the DiagramDropInfo from Telerik.Windows.Diagrams.Core to Telerik.Windows.Controls.Diagrams.


  • Foreground of PaneHeaderStyle does not apply.
  • Some of the RadPanes are disappearing from the DocumentHost when Save/Load Layout using the VisualStudio2013 theme.


  • An exception is thrown when working with FilteringControl of GridViewComboBoxColumn on touch monitor.
  • ArgumentOutOfRange exception is thrown on scrolling RadGridView with ColumnGroups set after changing the data context.
  • Cannot set any custom content to filtering distinct values content.
  • (CodedUI) AutomationProperties AutomationID and Name cannot be customized.
  • (CodedUI) Peers for elements inside HierarchyChildTemplate are not found.
  • Cross-thread access exception in ItemsContainerGenrator.
  • Current cell in the last row is not visible when NewRowPosition property of RadGridView is set to Bottom and Windows8 theme is applied.
  • FieldFilter Editors do not have AutomationIDs when column is bound to properties of type int, DateTime and enum.
  • Foreground property of CheckBox in FilteringControl is not applied when setting via simple Style.
  • GridView AutoScrolling area is now relative to whole GridView instead of ViewPort only.
  • Horizontal grid line of each row overlaps its cells in Windows8Touch theme.
  • Numeric GridViewHtmlVisualExportParameters exported wrong based on the CurrentCulture.
  • RadGridView placed in RadDocking does not process batch PropertyChanges when not in view.
  • RowDetails can be seen through the row indicator on scrolling horizontally with VisualStudio2013 theme applied.
  • SelectedCells collection holds non-existing cells after deleting a row.
  • When exporting RadGridView.ToHtml() the Width of a column is not exported.
  • XAMLParse exception when core lightweight templates are applied in Windows8Touch theme.


  • VisualizationLayer throws an exception when its ShapeFill property uses the StrokeDashArray.


  • ArgumentException is thrown in MaskedNumericInput when there is no digit grouping.
  • Caret is not visible in Expression_Dark theme.
  • Caret's Brush of MaskedInput is inconsistent with the Caret's Brush in System.Windows.Control.TextBox.
  • Incorrect Paste behavior in no-masked MaskedTextInput when part of the value is selected.
  • Paste is not successful in no-masked NumericInput/CurrencyInput when part of its value is selected.

MS Controls

  • ContentStringFormat property of MS ToolTip is not respected in Office2013 and VisualStudio2013 themes.
  • Hover state is visible when TextBox/PasswordBox is focused in Windows8 and Windows8Touch themes.
  • TextBox and PasswordBox focused state disappears after hovering over the control in all themes.
  • ToolTip: Updated visual related properties Height, Padding and Shadow effects for all themes.


  • RadPanelBarItem's Background does not come from Palette in Office2013 theme.


  • Support for custom search - IsFiltered property of PropertyDefinition can be overridden and custom filtering criteria can be defined.
  • Value property for PropertyDefinition - expose new logic that enables looking up the PropertyDefinition's bound property value directly.
  • AutoBind behavior sets OneWay binding for properties of type TimeSpan.
  • CurrentCulture is not respected if EditMode is set to Single.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown on Tap down on PropertyGrid.
  • SearchTextBox in RadPropertyGrid is not fully visible when SortAndGroupButtonsVisibility property is set to Collapsed in Windows8Touch theme.


  • RadFixedDocumentEditor class which creates fixed content in a flow-like manner.
  • Introduced Tables generator allowing easy export of tabular data content.
  • Exposed Block class allowing to draw and split in parts groups of text, images and shapes.
  • Introduced hyperlink concept that combines Link annotation and fixed content.
  • Rounding double values causes offsets in rendering.


  • Introduced virtual method OnDocumentChangedOverride which allows to change the default behavior.
  • PageDownCommand should be executable when opening a document for the first time through document source.
  • PageUpCommand is not disabled when PdfViewer's document is changed.
  • GoToPage method does not work when called in DocumentChanged event handler.
  • Opening new document does not update the toolbar's current page number.
  • When documents with TrueTypeFont CID with custom encoding are loaded, PdfViewer maps wrong characters and glyphs.
  • Standard font glyph with CharCode 179 has wrong name in PostScript Encoding table.
  • Some glyphs are not rendered correctly in PdfViewer when there is a sequence of points that are not on the glyph outline curve.
  • ColorMask is not implemented in Indexed, DeviceN and Separation ColorSpaces.
  • NullArgumentException is thrown in Telerik.Windows.Zip.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when unloading the PdfViewer and meanwhile loading other document.
  • PdfViewer's GetLocationFromViewPoint works with document points instead of view points.
  • Improved document loading performance.


  • Ragged hierarchies (OLAP) Support
  • Setting ColumnWidth to a low value causes longer headers to be partially hidden.
  • OLAP Measure Groups are not localized.
  • Ragged hierarchies (OLAP) are not shown correctly.
  • Scrolling the selected items in the LabelFilter dialog is sometimes throwing exception when Select All is checked/unchecked.


  • Backstage Office 2013 look for Office2013 and VisualStudio2013 themes.
  • Added support for customization of ScreenTip duration.
  • Backstage is closed unexpectedly.
  • Inconsistency between KeyTips execution and user click of RadToggleButton.
  • Title is trimmed even if there is enough space in the Ribbonview.
  • The left border of RibbonComboBox is missing in Normal state when IsEditable property is set to False.
  • The QAT is placed too close to the RibbonView when hosted in a RadRibbonWindow.
  • The Foreground of RadRibbonComboBox in non-editable scenario is Black and hard to be seen in ExpressionDark and Dark variation of VisualStudio2013 theme.


  • Introduced API allowing to implement support for different IMEs.
  • Added DocumentSelection.ContainsAnnotationMarkersOfType<T> and GetAnnotationMarkersOfType<T> methods, useful for getting selected annotation markers of given type.
  • “No Color” string in SelectionMiniToolbar is not localizable.
  • RadRichTextBox throws exception when Document property is set during focus receiving.
  • RTF Format Provider: Formatting properties with default values are not respected when the based on style's formatting properties are set.
  • Document is not imported from RTF when font info is not declared as a group in font table group.
  • MergeField without item source value loses its formatting when it is saved to DOCX format and reopened in RadRichTextBox.
  • When cross-reference field is inserted as hyperlink, exported to DOCX format and then imported again - the field is lost.
  • Baseline of subscript text is not calculated correctly.
  • Line height is imported incorrectly from Html when defined in EM units.
  • IME: Typing in Korean holding shift key crashes the application.
  • Multiple streams are left open during creation of ImageInlines.
  • Decimal tab stops are aligning to the thousands separator (,) instead of to the decimal point.


  • Refactored GetHashCode() for Resources and Category classes.


  • Track color does not change in VisualStudio2013 theme when the control is in disabled state.
  • Look and feel improvement in Expression_Dark theme.
  • The Thumb should become bigger in hover and press visual states in Windows8 theme.
  • The value of the MinimumRangeSpan property is lost after changing Minimum and Maximum values.
  • When the slider is hosted in TabControl its bindings don't work as expected when switching tabs.


  • Introduced Fill Handle - the ability to fill data through dragging the bottom right corner of the selection.
  • Introduced an IsVisible property for the defined names to provide an option to hide them from end user.
  • Improved import and export performance.
  • Improved FillSeries performance.
  • Introduced new API for the shapes and images classes which allows the user to choose faster performance at the expense of layout calculations.
  • Introduced an option to set custom text in the column/row headings.
  • Introduced an option to hide column/row headings (margins).
  • Introduced SpreadsheetCultureInfo class allowing to access RadSpreadsheet culture dependent list, decimal and array list separators.
  • Introduced option to unregister function from FunctionManager.
  • Cut, clear and paste context menu items were made visible and cannot be used when the worksheet is protected. They will have effect only on unlocked cells.[ST1]
  • Introduced command bindings for Ctrl/Shift and Ctrl/Insert for “Copy” and “Paste”.
  • Introduced CalculateCellLayoutBox method for getting the cell content size and the cell layout box from the model.
  • Pasting a single cell into the whole sheet (Ctrl + A) raises an OutOfMemory exception.
  • The Name property of the SpreadsheetNameCollectionScope class was obsoleted as it should not be part of the SpreadProcessing model. In RadSpreadsheet the same functionality is provided by the ScopeName property in the SpreadsheetNameView class.
  • Setting empty string as font family in a cell and exporting produces a corrupted document.
  • Entering value in FormulaBar by pressing accept button does not preserve selected cell.
  • Copy & paste named ranges with isolated scope in different worksheet refers to the source worksheet.
  • Importing document containing predefined Normal style causes an exception.
  • Some documents cannot be imported due to the used theme.
  • The icon of filtered column doesn't update as filtered icon in touch mode.
  • Filtering popup button is positioned wrong when row size is changed.
  • When filter is applied texts in hidden filter rows should not be rendered at all.
  • Insert button triggers the paste command.
  • Delete key binding doesn't work when sheet is protected but the current cell is unlocked.
  • Insert rows and columns context menu items are visible when the sheet is protected.
  • Multiple selection of images with Ctrl and left mouse button resizes images to very small ones.
  • Cannot import xlsx format files containing images with uppercase extensions.
  • Theme dependent fills are not updated when the theme is changed.
  • The currency number format is not exported correctly in cultures that contain “.” or “,” in the currency symbol, e.g. Bulgarian and Serbian.
  • The UI doesn’t update when a value on another sheet affects the active one.
  • When the worksheet name is changed from code this does not affect existing CellReferenceRangeExpressions.
  • Missing dimension element part in documents exported with XlsxFormatProvider causes exception when trying to open documents with OleDbConnection.
  • Not all installed fonts are listed in the fonts combobox.


  • Improved import and export performance.
  • Introduced CalculateCellLayoutBox method for getting the cell content size and the cell layout box from the model.
  • Introduced SpreadsheetCultureInfo class allowing to access RadSpreadsheet culture dependent list, decimal and array list separators.
  • Cannot import xlsx format files containing images with uppercase extensions.
  • When the worksheet name is changed from code this does not affect existing CellReferenceRangeExpressions.
  • Missing dimension element part by export of worksheet with XlsxFormatProvider causes exception while trying to open documents with OleDbConnection.


  • Implemented Shadow for DropDownContent of the DropDownMenu.
  • Look and feel improvement in ExpressionDark theme.
  • Look and feel improvement in Windows8Touch theme.
  • The DropDownContent's background of the DropDownMenu is not gradient in Summer theme by design.
  • The tab strip is misplaced when the TabStripPlacement property is set to Left.
  • ScrollButtons are not visible in Disabled state.
  • Selected TabItem is not visible in all TabStripPlacements.
  • TabItems are displaced when TabStripPlacement is Left, Bottom or Right.
  • TabStripPlacement property set to Bottom or Left throws exception in all themes.


  • GroupHeaderHeight property - controls the height of the group headers.
  • GroupHeaderVisibility property - controls the visibility of the group headers.
  • GroupMember property - it specifies the property based on which RadTileList will be grouped when bound to a data source.
  • VerticalTilesAlignment property - it can control the alignment of the tiles in the panel independent of the group header. It is of type VerticalAlignment with default value Center.
  • DisplayIndex of groups is not respected.
  • Group headers get misaligned when tile is removed and another one is added.
  • Incorrect DisplayIndex is set when tiles are reordered between groups or just in one group.
  • Tile stays selected after the user selects another Tile.
  • Tiles do not get ordered according to the DisplayIndex set.
  • Default value of TileListPanel property Padding is changed to new Thickness(0, 0, 0, 0) rather than Thickness(0, 30, 0, 0).
  • Each group is represented by TileGroupContainer rather than ContentControl.
  • Group property of Tile cannot be set through Style since it can be only read.
  • Group property of Tile is not settable and you can only read its value.
  • HorizontalScrollBarVisibility property of ScrollViewer is set to Auto and there is no need to set it explicitly in the definition of RadTileList.
  • If you have a custom theme, you need to update the panel of RadTileList to TileListGroupPanel.
  • Panel of RadTileList is TileListGroupPanel rather than TileListPanel.
  • Since each group is now represented of TileGroupContainer, if you have custom theme, you need to copy the style for this control in the template of RadTileList.
  • There is GroupTemplate by default and it is not necessary to declare it explicitly in order to see the groups.


  • An item disappears when the properties PreservePositionWhenMaximized and Virtualization are set to true.
  • An exception is thrown if you initially have a maximized and selected items.
  • An IndexOutOfRangeException is raised when TileView is resized.
  • Minimize button size for Windows8Theme is too small.
  • The maximized item is not displayed when the control's HorizontalAlignment is set to Left and contains only one tile.


  • The slider does not respect the MinZoomRange value after the PeriodStart and PeriodEnd are updated from code-behind.


  • Ability to position (stack) items on right (bottom) in horizontal (vertical) toolbars.


  • Validated TreeListViewRow is not correctly positioned, while scrolling RadTreeListView with frozen columns in Office2013 theme.


  • Cannot focus RadTreeView with Tab key, when the ItemsSource is changed at runtime.


  • RadWindow's parent cannot be closed in some cases when RadAlert is used.

Zip Library

  • Creating new archive using stream with FileMode.OpenOrCreate() results in corrupted zip when the file already exists.
  • Using CompressedStream to open corrupted zip archive causes exception when the browser is closed.

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