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Q3 2010 is around the corner and it will be yet another promising release for RadControls for WinForms. In the previous milestone we introduced 5 new controls, added a faster and more robust data layer to RadGridView and improved its UI layer.

Our last major release of the year will deliver an enterprise upgrade to the Telerik GridView and Scheduler controls which will enhance demanding LOB applications with better user experience and performance.

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RadGridView’s new Lazy data loading defers the loading of an object until the point at which it is needed, such as expanding a group or a hierarchy level, while preserving easy access to the data. This feature enhances the user experience because the grid loads faster the first time around, and has the advantage of saving memory and network bandwidth, particularly when the loading of the object might not occur during the lifetime of control.

Q3 2010 will also bring two much requested hierarchy modes in the Telerik windows forms grid:

  • The Object-relational hierarchy mode will allow the grid to be bound to data/business objects and entities, as well as object relational mapping frameworks, such as Telerik OpenAccess ORM and Entity Framework;
  • The Event-based hierarchy will allow you to bind ChildRows on demand, i.e. at the time when they are accessed. Since only the topmost level of hierarchy level is loaded at a time, this approach provides better performance and is very handy when the data set is very large, when presenting custom data, and/or when services are used to fetch the data.

Finally, RadGridView will get Microsoft Excel 2010-like extended filtering options, where the filter dropdown will show a checked list, allowing for single and/or multiple selections. The older filtering mechanism will still be available in the dropdown:

Telerik RadGridView for WinForms - Q3 2010 Filtering


Telerik Scheduler for windows forms will receive Time Zone support, which will allow events and tasks to be displayed in different time zones - a feature which many international businesses will find very convenient:

Telerik RadScheduler for WinForms - Q3 2010 Time Zone support

Another important and much requested scheduler feature which will greatly improve the usability of the control is support for in-place editors and custom editors. The in-place editor will allow users to create appointments directly in the cell, just like in Microsoft Outlook, whereas the custom editor will allow for creating new appointments in a fully customizable pop-up editor.


Beside the new features for the GridView and Scheduler we will also provide a brand new RadCommandBar control, which will supersede the current RadToolStrip. The new control will come with the same features as the current product (such as horizontal and vertical orientation, drag and drop rearrange, Add/Remove tools, etc.), but will also provide Visual Style Builder support, auto-collapse, and much better design-time support. An automatic upgrade tool will also be included for upgrading from the older version.

RadCommandBar for WinForms by Telerik 

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More Q3 2010 news

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