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The spotlight of the Q2 2010 release for RadControls for Silverlight falls on the officially introduced RadRichTextBox for Silverlight, allowing you to bring true MS Word-like content editing experience to your end-users. The new control offers rich text editing and formatting capabilities as well as out-of-browser support and printing. As one of the most demanded features from the Telerik developer community during the preview release, import and export of Html, Docx, and Xaml are already included in the control. 

The Q2 2010 release stays faithful to Telerik’s tradition of releasing the same controls for RadControls for Silverlight and WPF, allowing for substantial code and skills reuse between Silverlight and WPF development. The following new controls will join both suites: DataPager, DataFilter, TreeListView, BusyIndicator and DateTimePicker.

A brand new transparent theme is also shipping for both suites. The greatest benefit the new theme brings is that it allows you to easily fit RadControls for Silverlight or WPF into an existing application design. Furthermore you can change the application’s appearance only by changing the background, allowing you to use subtle colors, gradients, or even images behind our controls to allow for a vibrant RIA experience. Check out a preview of the new theme

Another great addition to the Silverlight toolset is the Telerik Assembly Minifier - a web-based tool that decreases the size of RadControls for Silverlight assemblies and consecutively the overall XAP file size. The end-users will immediately feel the difference too, as the loading time of your Silverlight application will be significantly decreased. The tool allows you to choose a list of controls to be used in your application, analyzes the dependencies between them and then produces a new set of optimized assemblies. The new assemblies will contain only the selected controls and the resources used by them. Using the Assembly Minifier you can keep the downloaded size of your application to the bare minimum. 

Read a detailed blog post or Watch an intro video on Telerik TV

Launch the Assembly Minifier

Do not forget to register for the “What’s new in Q2 2010: RadControls for Silverlight and WPF” webinar. As usual we have organized a 5-day "What's New Webinar Week".   During this week you will be able to discover all of the major new features Telerik is shipping in the Q2 2010 release. At each webinar, attendees will have the chance of winning a Telerik Ultimate Collection ($1999 value).

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