Phew! Yesterday was a HUGE day for Kendo UI. Not only did we officially ship the latest Kendo UI release (right on schedule), we also held a BIG online keynote where nearly 2,000 people joined us live to see what’s new in Kendo UI. If you can imagine 2,000 people in one room, that’s a lot of people for the live event, and we want to thank everyone for joining us and making it a success!

If you missed the live event, have no fear, the on-demand recording is here! Well, it’s on YouTube. You can playback the event as if you were among the live masses.

Lucky Winners

One of the big draws for yesterday’s event, of course, was the prizes (after the cool Kendo UI release bits, of course). We gave away the following in our random raffle draw:

  1. (1) Grand Prize: Kendo UI Mobile Device Pack
    A new iPad, Samsung GalaxyTab, BlackBerry PlayBook, and iPod Touch (+ Kendo UI Complete license)
  2. (2) Custom HTML5 Logo iPad Covers
  3. (100!) Kendo UI Complete commercial licenses

The random drawings are done, and the winners have been announced on Twitter (for the top prizes). If you are among the winners (especially for the 100 licenses), you will get an email early next week with your prize details (we won’t list all 100 names here or spam you on Twitter). For our top prizes, the winners were:


  • Chris Anderson
  • Thomas Oberndörfer


  • John Rossitter

Now, I know that means three people just shouted “WooHoo!” while 1997 sighed, but congratulations to our lucky winners! If you’re among the 100 other people that won Kendo UI Commercial licenses, we’ll contact you directly via email with details about downloading your license next week. (If you buy a license and then win one, don’t worry. We can extend your license, give you a refund, or give you the extra license for another team member!)

Demo Code

During the course of yesterday’s keynote, several cool demos were shown-off by Kendo UI team members Burke Holland and Brandon Satrom. Many of you have asked for the code for their demos, and I’m happy to share that with you now. You can grab the source for both from GitHub and use it to help your Kendo UI explorations:

Shoe Fodder Demo (Kendo UI DataViz)


This demo by Brandon Satrom showcases Kendo UI DataViz, including the new Kendo UI DataViz gauges.
Live Demo:

MVVM and ListView Music (Kendo UI Web)

This demo by Burke Holland showcases the new Kendo UI MVVM framework component and ListView UI widget.
Live Demo: [Currently unavailable – issue with the ListView edit templates being corrected]

TeamThing (Kendo UI Mobile)

This demo by Todd Anglin showcases Kendo UI Mobile in a more complete app example. The source and live demo will be available after the DevConnections conference next week.

Mobile App Contest

Last but certainly not least for this wrap-up post, I want to remind everyone about the new Kendo UI Mobile App Contest! This is your chance to show the world what you can do with HTML, JavaScript, and Kendo UI Mobile, and it’s your next chance to win one our cool Kendo UI Mobile Device Packs (iPad, iPod Touch, GalaxyTab, PlayBook).

Here’s the deal:

  1. Download Kendo UI Mobile (go ahead, you can do it now)
  2. Build a cool app with Kendo UI Mobile + whatever else you want to use
  3. Submit your app by April 19th

That’s it. If your app is picked as one of the top five, it will become a finalist and public voting will determine the big winner. Kendo UI Mobile makes it easy to build killer mobile apps, so think of this as a chance to win while having some fun building that mobile app you always wanted to build (but never wanted to learn Objective-C or Java to complete).

All the details and guidelines are available on the Kendo UI App Contest page.

Download Today

Thanks again to everyone for making the Kendo UI Q1 2012 release a huge success. We love the feedback and excitement we get from you, our customers and fans, so keep it coming and we’ll keep building great tools. We’ll publish updated roadmaps in the next few weeks for the next release, but until then, enjoy the new Q1 2012 bits and show us the cool things you can build with Kendo UI!

Download the latest Kendo UI Q1 2012 release now!

About the Author

Todd Anglin

Todd Anglin is Vice President of Product at Progress. Todd is responsible for leading the teams at Progress focused on NativeScript, a modern cross-platform solution for building native mobile apps with JavaScript. Todd is an author and frequent speaker on web and mobile app development. Follow Todd @toddanglin for his latest writings and industry insights.

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