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One of the big secrets revealed by the Quest is the introduction of a new ASP.NET product line from Telerik code named "Prometheus". In Greek mythology, Prometheus is famous for bringing fire to the people and beginning an age of enlightenment for man. And in a way, that's exactly what the RadControls based on ASP.NET AJAX will do for ASP.NET developers. RadControls "Prometheus" will deliver new controls, experiences, and performance improvements based on the OpenAjax-enrolled Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX client-side framework.

Also fitting, in Greek mythology Prometheus' brother is Atlas (usually represented as the guy holding the earth on his shoulders). As you may remember, the code name for ASP.NET AJAX was "Atlas", which makes the relationship between "Prometheus" and "Atlas" (the code) very fitting. RadControls "Prometheus" builds on ASP.NET AJAX just like other RadControls have built on ASP.NET for years, making these new controls the natural evolution of Telerik's ASP.NET controls.

And that's really the point. RadControls "Prometheus" represents the natural evolution of the ASP.NET controls. For complete details on how this transition will work and for answers to most (if not all) of your "Prometheus" questions, don't miss the official "Prometheus" FAQ on Telerik.com. For live demos of the new "Prometheus" controls, visit the online demos.

We look forward to working with the community of Telerik developers to make "Prometheus" a powerful successor to RadControls for ASP.NET.

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