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In the latest release, we've added lots of new features to help you develop ASP.NET apps quickly and easily. Learn more and check out our new demos.

The third official release of the UI for ASP.NET AJAX suite is officially here, and, most likely already installed by many of you. The release includes brand new CheckBoxList and RadioButtonList controls, the ability to customize the Gantt visible range, new Dashboard demo and Spreadsheet improvements.

RadioButtonList and CheckBoxList

The two lists are welcome additions to the extensive form elements collection—the first one being suitable for multiple choices, while the second one allows users to pick a single choice from the provided items list. Follow the links below to see the controls in action:

Customizing the Gantt Chart Visible Range

A new addition to the Gantt API is the ability to set the selected date and to modify the start/end dates of the visible range. You can do that both on the server and on the client. Check out the demo that shows how that works.

Sales Dashboard Demo

The Sales Dashboard demo shows what many of our users request—a real life example that combines the controls and shows the implementation of a complex scenario. Of course, its source code is also available—you may safely use it as a stencil for your next project!

Spreadsheet Improvements

The Spreadsheet control now supports hyperlinks in cells—one of the most popular requests from its users. You can check out how the feature works at the updated full set of tools demo.

… And a Lot More

The list above is just a sample of the numerous features and improvements shipped. For a thorough list of all the upgrades we've implemented, bugs we've fixed and new features we've added, check the full release history.

As always, your feedback is very important to us. Let us know what you think of the latest release or what you'd like to see next in the comments.


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Petyo Ivanov

Petyo Ivanov is a former Kendo UI Product Manager. 

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