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Telerik Report Server R3 2018 comes with lots of new features and exciting improvements for users and implementors – it’s all here for you to explore and learn.

Our fall release of Telerik Report Server is already live and brings extended localization support, enhanced scheduling and alerts, mail templates for external users, new version of REST APIs, configurable deployment tools and a custom login provider for single sign-on scenarios. Along with the many improvements gained from Telerik Reporting, it is certainly a thing not to miss. Check the list of the main features we implemented for R3 2018 below.

Localization of Telerik Report Server Manager

The Report Server localization is finally complete, as we've now exposed all the necessary text resources to enable localization capabilities for all strings in the Report Server management UI. Developers can now customize or translate texts in both the Report Management and Report Designer applications. This feature is especially valuable when Report Server needs to be deployed in different languages for better targeting its audience.


Improved Scheduled Tasks and Data Alerts

We enabled the delivery of a batch of reports in a single e-mail as a result of successfully executed scheduled task or data alert. Configurable mail templates for external subscribers for a certain task or alert are also a valuable addition. These line-of-business features will improve the user experience of report server subscribers, making report delivery to their mailboxes easier.


REST APIs Version 2

Integrating the server with the clients’ applications using our REST APIs is getting more and more popular. We realized there are some aspects of the APIs that should get improved and extended. With R3 2018, we introduce our Report Server REST APIs version 2, giving developers even more flexibility when managing the server programmatically within their applications. Hate writing C# plumbing code to call web API endpoints? We’ve got you covered, as we're also releasing a C# client for all API endpoints.


Pre-configured Report Server Deployment Tools  

Deploying a preconfigured Report Server instance along with its assets can be a challenging task. To help you, our developer clients, we have prepared a set of tools that allows easy, command-line based Report Server installation and assets import, prepared from the development copy of the Report Server. These functionalities will be useful in continuous deployment scenarios, where the target storage needs to be regularly updated.


Single Sign-On Experience with Custom Login Provider 

A Single Sign-On takes place when the Report Server Manager needs to be accessed as a part of another web application - usually an enterprise web application or company business portal. In these cases, the users that have already authenticated themselves against the company application should not be forced to enter their credentials again to login to Report Server Manager. Instead, they must be seamlessly and securely logged-in when the browser gets redirected to the Report Server URL from the calling web application. Now Report Server provides a Single Sign-On experience through the configurable Custom Login Provider.


Since Report Server employs the Reporting engine for processing and rendering the reports, it also benefits from the Telerik Reporting enhancements introduced in R3 2018 - sending emails directly from report viewers, PDF/A export, data consolidation for pie charts, improved representation of null values in Graph item and many more. You can take a look at the full list of the new features in Telerik Reporting here.

Improved Stability

For a detailed list of all the fixes that are a part of this release, check out the current Report Server release notes.

Try it Out and Share Feedback

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Watch the R3 Release Webinars

To see all the latest changes and updates across our new release in action, please join us on the Telerik UI R3 2018 webinar, on October 2, 2018 at 11 a.m.

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