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Telerik Report Server

Release History

Progress® Telerik® Report Server R3 2018 (

September 12, 2018

Scheduled Tasks and Data Alerts Improved

  • Delivery of a batch of reports in a single e-mail
  • Customizable mail templates targeting the external users.

REST APIs version 2

  • Introduce additional flexibility and improved error handling when managing Report Server programmatically, within apps.

Pre-configured Report Server Deployment Tools

  • Set of tools that allows command-line based Report Server installation and configurable assets import. These tools enable continuous deployment scenarios, where the target storage needs to be regularly updated.

Custom Login Provider enabling Single Sign-On Experience

  • Report Server introduces a configurable Custom Login Provider enabling a Single Sign-On experience between the Report Server Manager and the calling web application.

Email a Report in preview

  • Report preview functionality introduces e-mailing functionality enabling direct sharing of the generated report.

Pie Charts Data Consolidation

  • Increase pie chart readability by consolidating insignificant data in a single slice.

PDF/A Export

  • Utilize a highly-compatible version of the PDF format to match end-users' requirements.

Add Missing Values presentation in Graph item

  • Display missing values in Graph’s line and area series in Cartesian coordinate system.


  • Improve HTML5 Report Viewers client events arguments
  • New option to initially hide the HTML5 Report Viewer parameters area


  • API description page links throw an error when accessed
  • Cannot create or receive webhooks with specific users
  • Creating a new entity (report, category, etc.) throws an error when HTTP is not allowed
  • Data Alert reports with drill-down are always rendered with expanded groups
  • PictureBox image from relative and absolute path is not resolved

Server Manager

  • Add Task/Alert window accessibility
  • Cannot upload reports thru the Web management UI
  • Clicking edit button toggles the report favorite status instead of opening the edit window
  • Confirmation for saving incorrect authentication provider settings is not respected
  • Report tooltips are out of focus
  • Report upload button is hard to find
  • Some web management icons are smaller than they should be
  • There are missing mail variables in the dropdown list in scheduled task and data alert modal windows
  • Upload Report dialog does not allow to upload a report if its name exists in any category
  • Upload Revision Window does not have a validation for the uploaded file
  • User name is missing on newly created webhook


  • ScheduledTask cannot be edited without setting RecurrenceRule


  • Editor cannot be opened for second level properties of type ConditionalFormatting
  • Toggling a tool window from the View item in report's context menu throws an exception
  • Web resources on TLS 1.2 HTTPS connection cannot be retrieved


  • Graph renders the DateTimeScale incorrectly when its Minimum is set to specific values and no data is available
  • Pie chart labels are overlapped regardless there is enough space to distribute them correctly
  • StreamReader is not disposed correctly when using external style sheets

Image Rendering

  • Images with small height are not rendered in Picturebox

PowerPoint Rendering

  • When report with Graph is exported with UseMetafile set to False the graph appears zoomed when previewed in Windows and Mac


  • NoDataMessage in Graph causes Internal Server Error from the REST Service
  • Value of report parameter that uses Format function loses the format in a viewer


  • An error occurs when rendering a Graph with accessibility attributes and NoDataMessage set
  • End-users on Internet Explorer 11 get JS errors for undefined includes() function
  • Incorrect error message for invalid parameter values
  • Page Number Input field reloads with the default parameters.
  • The viewer hangs at '0 pages loaded so far...' when using a custom report resolver that throws exception

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