Wow!  What a big day for Kendo UI.  We had the launch webinar this morning and we had so many attendees that unfortunately, some of you were unable to get in.  Some of you who registered way in advance. 

Let us say that we are incredibly sorry that we couldn’t accommodate everyone for the launch webinar.  We understand how incredibly frustrating it is to register for something, and then not be able to attend it.  The response we had was completely overwhelming.  We actually pushed the webinar software about as far is it could go.  It’s top on our priority list to find a way to get everyone who wants to be there included for our future online events.

Additionally, we held a Tech Chat following the launch webinar and looked in depth at the Kendo UI Todo List, and some pretty advanced concepts around the DataSource, along with models, binding, templates and views.  I had a great time looking more in depth at that code and some people had some great recommendations on how I could make it even better.  I’m going to continue to refine it and hopefully it will be a great place for you to kick-start your Kendo UI / JavaScript development.

As promised, here are the resources from all of the things that we covered today.  Please let us know if there is something that you saw that you can’t find on the site or wasn’t covered here.  You can expect the list of Kendo UI resources to grow drastically over the next couple of months as we work hard to make it as easy as possible for you to get rolling with Kendo UI.  We want everyone to feel the HTML5 love.

Webinar Recordings

We recorded both webinars for those who were unable to attend, or just prefer to watch later with a cold drink in hand.  I know that’s how I like to get my daily tech fill!  You can find both of these webinars below, and on our webinars page.  They are embedded directly in this post if you want to watch them here, or feel free to hop on over and watch them directly on YouTube.

Official Launch Webinar

Tech Chat Webinar

Webinar Resources

We talked a lot about several resources for Kendo UI both in the official launch, and in the Tech Chat.  From the online demo’s to the Theme Builder to our Todo List App we worked on today, we have a lot of tools for you to use to get rolling with a sweet Kendo UI application.

Kendo UI Site Resources

Kendo UI Web Demos

Kendo UI Theme Builder

And don’t forget to preview the mobile tools that are coming soon.  This is a really exciting area for us as we look to provide you with all the tools necessary to build HTML5 apps that run native on mobile devices.  That’s right – native.

Kendo UI Todo List Resources

The Todo List application is hosted over at AppHarbor.  You can see it live at  Additionally I have the source code posted on GitHub

If you aren’t familiar with GitHub, it’s an online source code repository where you can share code with others.  You can hop over to the repository and just download the Visual Studio solution.  It is a Visual Studio 2010 ASP.NET MVC 3 project so make sure you have the right things installed to get it to work.  Feel free to leave a comment here if you have trouble getting it up and running.

If you are a GitHub pro, please feel free to fork this, improve and create a pull request.  If you find a better way to do something than the way I did it, feel free to let me know and we’ll update it and get it into the hands of the masses.  Together we can make this a clean and simple place to start a large scale JavaScript application.

So once again…

Live Application

Source Code

Learning Videos

Did you know we have some screencasts to get you started with the Grid and DataSource?  They are over on the videos page and are a great way to learn how to use two of the most powerful components of Kendo UI.  They start simple, but don’t spare you the advanced details.  You should become a DataSource / Grid aficionado by the time you watch both videos.

Kendo UI Screencasts / Learning Videos

Other Resources

Our very own John Bristowe has created some JustCode templates that you can pick up from his GitHub.  If JustCode doesn’t ring a bell for you, it’s a Visual Studio add-in from Telerik that will greatly enhance your VS experience and productivity.

Additionally, you can get Kendo UI with the greatest of ease off of NuGet.


Be Heard

Make sure you make yourself heard over at the User Voice Site.  Have something you want to see added?  Have a suggestion for the team?  Let us know!  We take your feedback very seriously.  As always, feel free to contact myself, Todd Anglin or John Bristowe with any questions, comments, concerns or feedback.

Keep on the lookout for us at upcoming conferences.  We will be packing some serious Kendo UI swag and we love nothing more than loading you down with branded goodness.

Our forums are additionally an excellent place to get your question answered and see what others are doing.  We are very active on our forums, so if you post there, you will be sure to get an answer!

Thanks To All!

A huge thanks to everyone who helped make our launch day such a huge success.  We are extremely excited to bring you Kendo UI and we absolutely cannot wait to see what you do with it!

Burke Holland is the Director of Developer Relations at Telerik
About the Author

Burke Holland

Burke Holland is a web developer living in Nashville, TN and was the Director of Developer Relations at Progress. He enjoys working with and meeting developers who are building mobile apps with jQuery / HTML5 and loves to hack on social API's. Burke worked for Progress as a Developer Advocate focusing on Kendo UI.

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