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Another Telerik Kendo UI keynote is now complete. This time, in addition to the usual thousands of attendees, we had a record setting 818 questions. We tried to answer as many questions as we could during the keynote, but we didn't get to all of them. So if you still have open questions, feel free to visit our forums to follow up.

Speaking of the keynote, the HD recording is now available for your viewing pleasure. It'll make a great addition to your late-night TV schedule. Your significant other will be totally cool with it.


Now on to the reason you're probably here: prizes! Our Kendo UI releases are known for their impressive giveaways, and this time we tried to up the ante with some pretty awesome gadgets. Here's the list of prizes up for grabs this time:

Cool, right? So let's get to the winners. To add some drama—and to blatantly steal an idea from Burke Holland—you need to click on the cards below to reveal who won. Cross your fingers and flip!

Best question

Kendo UI keynote enthusiasts know that we're not done yet. Much like our previous keynote, we are again offering a prize for the “most interesting question”—this time a GoPro Hero4. The questions we received were spectacular—with topics such as Angular 2.0 support and Burke Holland's luxurious hair (or lack thereof)—but there can only be one winner.

And with that in mind, we're happy to announce that the winner of the GoPro Hero4, and the most interesting question prize goes to...drumroll...Ryan Nauman. Here's Ryan's question:

It's great that Kendo UI has moved several widgets to open source. Do you think this has had much of an impact on the product so far?

We love this question because it gets at the heart of something a lot of our customers have been concerned about: does the existence of the free and open source Kendo UI Core suite adversely affect the quality of Kendo UI Professional suite?

From my perspective the answer is absolutely no, and in fact, I would say the exact opposite is true: Kendo UI Core suite makes Kendo UI Professional suite better. Kendo UI Core suite opened Kendo UI suite up to a whole new audience—developers that don't have the resources or budget to spring for a commercial license. Those developers have provided valuable feedback to Kendo UI suite, and in some cases, even contributed code directly! Kendo UI Core suite has been a valuable addition to the Kendo UI ecosystem, and we expect it to continue to improve the Kendo UI suite as a whole into the future. If you haven't already you should check out the project on Github.

Until Next Time

Thanks again for joining us. Hopefully you won something, but if not, look forward to the Q1 2015 release. And remember, if you want to have your say on what makes it into the next Kendo UI release, submit and vote on features in our UserVoice dashboard.

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