As the dust starts to settle on the latest Kendo UI major release, we have a few more wrap-up details to share following yesterday’s HUGE keynote webcast. First, thanks again to the literally thousands of you that signed-up for the webcast and then joined us live. We’re honored and humbled by the massive popularity of Kendo UI and we hope you enjoy the new release bits as much as we enjoy making Kendo UI!

If you missed yesterday’s keynote, don’t worry! The entire event was recorded and is now available on YouTube. You can find the YouTube link plus links to all of the Kendo UI Q2 release notes in John Bristowe’s blog post.

There are a few things we need to cover today: Raffle Winners, Demo Links, and a new chance to win an iPad!

Raffle Winners

As part of our keynote webcast, we raffled some amazing prizes: a MacBook Pro (retina), a new iPad, and 48 additional Kendo UI Complete licenses. It was more than $30,000 in prizes!

If you have been watching the @KendoUI twitter feed (and you should), you have already seen the names of the two big prize winners announced. In case you missed it, the winners are…

  • Jun Redillas: Winner of the MacBook Pro (retina) + Kendo UI Complete
  • Ryan Day: Winner of the new iPad + Kendo UI Complete

Congrats to these two for having a really lucky Wednesday. There were 48 additional, winners, though, all of who will get Kendo UI Complete ($700 value) licenses. Those lucky winners are (in random drawing order):

Jeroen Rogier, Christopher Ihde, Gary Greendale, Justin Cordingley, Joe Hickman, James Stott, Nick Anderson, Randy Fuller, Peter Hunter, Shawn Knight, Andreas Ihlein, Denis Horgan, Matthew Duffield, Matthew Kunstman, Jason Callison, Aaron Bauman, Rob Lauer, Wolfgang Lorenz, Daniel Göhler, Yousuf Tafhim, Paul Scivetti, Ryan Haugh, Michael Murphy, Yves Tkaczyk, Eduardo Marquez, Lucas Adams, Bruce Carpenter, Bob Titular, Chris Eull, David Ching, Wade Coonrod, Nestor Fonseca, Karlkim Suwanmongkol, Henry Gauthreaux, Raymond Andrews, Mihail Dimitrov, Erik Castañeda, Manisha Shinde, Dimantha Amarasinghe, Oana Csertus, Jerry Turner, Robert Platz, Omar Munoz, David Pearson, David Smith, Dale McPherson, Thomas Weidman, and Marc Bumgarner

YOU GET A LICENSE! YOU GET A LICENSE! Congrats to all of our Kendo UI keynote webcast winners. All winners will be contacted directly via email, so if you won, you should be getting an email soon with instructions for claiming your prize.

For everyone else…there’s a new chance to win an iPad with the launch of the new More on that in a minute.

Demo Links

Like any big keynote webcast, we showed a number of cool demos that we’re sure you want to spend some more time dissecting. All of yesterday’s demos are available online now for you to pull apart and see how Kendo UI is used in bigger application contexts:

  • HTML5 Camera
    This bleeding-edge HTML demo makes use of many of the web’s (i.e. Chrome’s) experimental APIs to show just how far you can go with HTML and JavaScript. Kendo UI is used to help with things like templates, animation, and binding.
  • TeamThing
    Originally started in Q1 as a mobile app, TeamThing has been expanded to include a web interface + an improved mobile experience for Android and iOS devices.
  • Playlist Editor
    This is the demo created for Q1 that served as the starting point for the new Mobile Playlist Editor
  • Playlist Editor Mobile
    The new version of the Playlist Editor demo uses the new Kendo UI Mobile tablet widgets to build an interface perfectly suited for iPads and Android tablets.
  • Kendo UI Complete for ASP.NET MVC
    This basic demo showed how you can use the new Kendo UI Complete for ASP.NET MVC server wrappers to build a web interface. All demos on have now been updated to show source using either HTML/JS, ASP.NET MVC ASPX, or Razor (cshtml) syntax. Visit the demos to see the tools and code in action.

And for the many people that have asked, Burke used Sublime Text 2 with the Zen Coding plugin for his Kendo UI Mobile demos.

New Docs and New Contest

Finally, we also launched the new Kendo UI documentation portal yesterday, The new portal is a big step forward for Kendo UI documentation and sets us up for even faster improvements in the future. We built the new docs portal using Sitefinity 5, but all content authoring and versioning is actually done in GitHub! In fact, you can view all of the Kendo UI docs in their raw markdown format by visiting the docs repo:

Since our content is now in GitHub, there are brand new possibilities for you, a Kendo UI developer:

  1. If you think something should be fixed or improved, you can create a new GitHub Issue so we can fix it
  2. If you want your own local copy of the docs, you can clone the Kendo UI docs repository (it’s MIT licensed, by the way)
  3. And, if you want to help make the docs better, you can submit a git pull request!

That last part has us really excited. Those of you passionate about Kendo UI and that want to contribute to the community can now easily help us improve the docs. Simply make an improvement, submit a pull request, and we’ll review and add to the Kendo UI docs source.

And here’s where your next chance to win an iPad comes-in.

To help jump start community contributions, we will be raffling a new iPad to anyone that submits an accepted pull request to the Kendo UI docs between yesterday and next Wednesday (one week). All you have to do is help make the docs better, and we’ll give you shot at a $500 iPad. For full details, visit the Kendo UI docs GitHub wiki.


That’s it for now! There will be one more post addressing the follow-up Q&A questions from the keynote. With thousands of live attendees, a lot of questions were asked, and we’re going to try to provide some follow-up answers soon. Otherwise, congrats to the winners and enjoy the Q2 2012 release!

Download Q2 2012 now

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