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We have put the bow on yet another release and keynote and this one was one for the books as usual. We had record numbers of questions and for the first time EVER we managed to mitigate nearly all of the audio and video issues that usually plague us whenever that many folks are on the line all at one time.

It’s always difficult to pick a perfect keynote time since we are a global community. Some folks here in my time zone missed the webinar because they had actual work to do at 10 AM on a Wednesday. Some in John’s timezone missed it because they prefer to sleep at 2 AM. That’s why we recorded the whole thing, cleaned up the audio a bit and posted it to YouTube. You can now see all of what is new in the Kendo UI Q2 release in glorious HD. Feel free to rewind and watch my segment over and over again.

 Let's get straight to the
other reason you might be reading this today, and that’s our prize winners. We gave away some doozies this time around, and despite my registering over 300 times, I still did not win. Here’s what was up for grabs.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3
  • iPad Air
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • 10 Kendo UI Professional Licenses

And now for the winners. I included a card with each winner on the back. You gotta flip the card over to see who the winner is.

Congrats to all our winners and we'll be in touch with you shortly to make sure you get your prizes.

We also had an interesting proposition this time around for the person who asked the most interesting question. This person would receive a Parrot AR.Drone. I saw someone flying one of these at the park yesterday and was again reminded of how I would not be winning a Kendo UI Prize.

Now we realize that “most interesting question” is incredibly subjective, but we sifted through the hundreds of questions and tried really hard to find the best one. In the end, we decided that the AR Drone should go to Michael Knell.

Michael’s question was simple, but powerful.

“From an enterprise’s perspective, what makes KendoUI superior to other commercial frameworks (competitors)”

The reason why we chose this as the most interesting question, is that at the end of the day, this is really the question that matters. Why Kendo UI for the Enterprise? The answer is simple: because Kendo UI is the most complete, most feature rich and most mature solution for those building real world apps that need to scale. Add in the new Angular integration and support, and we think it’s a no-brainer.

But you be the judge. Do your research. There are a some great resources out there like as well to help you do side-by-side comparisons.  Download Kendo UI and then download the competitor products.  Do the due diligence.  We’re quite sure you’ll be choosing Kendo UI for your next project, and we’ll be here when you decide. :)

Congratulations to all our winners and on to the Q2 Service Pack and the Q3 release. We’ve already started working on it…

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