Are you ready for more Kendo UI in your browser? With the next major release of Kendo UI just weeks away, it’s time to talk Beta.

The Kendo UI Spring Release (officially “Q1 2013”) is going to deliver a lot of cool enhancements across the entire Kendo UI framework (Web, DataViz, and Mobile), continuing to deliver on Kendo UI’s vision of providing everything you need to build sites and mobile apps with HTML and JavaScript. But I don’t want to spoil the fun today. For all of the details, join us on March 20th. for the full overview and access to the release bits.

For those of you that really want to get hands-on with the next release early, though, we have now shipped a Q1 2013 beta. The beta bits are available from the Kendo UI download page, and they are your chance to get an early technical preview of the next release. If you have any beta feedback, we’d love to hear it in our forums!

Finally, don’t forget to register for the upcoming release keynote. With thousands of developers joining us for each of the last several releases, this is an online event that’s not to be missed! What’s more, if learning about the newness in Kendo UI is not enough incentive to join, we’ll be raffling some real cool prizes that will change your mind, including a MacBook Air, a couple of Mobile device packs, Nexus 10 tablets and Kendo UI Complete licenses. All you have to do for your shot at winning is register now and join us live on March 20th at 11 AM Eastern!

So, to quickly recap:

Enjoy your week, playing with the Kendo UI beta bits!

Burke Holland is the Director of Developer Relations at Telerik
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Burke Holland

Burke Holland is a web developer living in Nashville, TN and was the Director of Developer Relations at Progress. He enjoys working with and meeting developers who are building mobile apps with jQuery / HTML5 and loves to hack on social API's. Burke worked for Progress as a Developer Advocate focusing on Kendo UI.

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