I'm happy to report that our team has shipped a service pack for Kendo UI Q1 2012 release (version 2012.1.515). In this blog post, I'll highlight a few of the noteworthy enhancements we've implemented for this release. However, as always, I would encourage you to review the change logs:

The Kendo UI Q1 2012 service pack provides a number of updates, fixes, and enhancements to the version of Kendo UI we shipped earlier this year. From a high-level perspective, we accomplished a great deal of work for this latest milestone:

  • 112 bugs fixed
  • 17 enhancements added
  • 85 issues resolved for Kendo UI Web
  • 18 issues resolved for Kendo UI DataViz
  • 20 issues resolved for Kendo UI Mobile
  • and much more!

Here are just a few of the cooler fixes and enhancements we've implemented in this service pack:

New! Method Chaining Support in Kendo UI Web, DataViz, and Mobile
Prior to this service pack, whenever a developer wished to interface with a Kendo UI widget, he/she needed to invoke .data() in order to obtain a reference to the object. For example:


All of this ceremony caused frustration and so we decided to eliminate it by supporting method chaining. With this latest service pack, you'll be able to write JavaScript that's more readable:


This enhancement has been implemented across all three collections of Kendo UI; Kendo UI Web, Kendo UI DataViz, and Kendo UI Mobile.

New! Column Reordering and Resizing in the Grid of Kendo UI Web
Fans of our ASP.NET MVC controls will know just how valueable it can be to have a grid that can be modified by users. In this service pack, we're providing the ability to resize and reorder the columns of the Grid widget in Kendo UI Web.

Although it's a minor enhancement, it's one that got a lot of votes on our UserVoice site. In other words, you asked, so we delivered!

Fixed! kendo.web.js and kendo.dataviz.js can be Included Simultaneously
In certain, edge-case type scenarios, customers would experience runtime errors when attemting to load the JavaScript resources for Kendo UI Web and Kendo UI DataViz on the same page. This behaviour has been resolved in this service pack.

Note: We strongly encourage customers to reference kendo.all.min.js or use the custom download builder.

Fixed! Case-Sensitive Filtering and Searching in Kendo UI Web
A few of the widgets of Kendo UI Web - noteably, the AutoComplete, ComboBox, and DatePicker - support the filtering and/or searching of values. In this service pack, we have included support for case sensitivity when conducting these operations against data-bound collections.

New! Dynamic Content in the ScrollView of Kendo UI Mobile
The ScrollView widget provides a finger-friendly control for scrolling through content like images. Through a swipe gesture, you can navigate between a list of local and remote resources. Until this latest release, it was difficult (but not impossible) for developers to dynamically update the content of ScrollView panes. Now, we're providing a new method - .content() - which will provide this facility.

These are just a few of the updates, fixes, and enhancements that you'll find in the service pack for the Kendo UI Q1 2012 release. Many of the bugs and feature requests we implemented came directly from you; our customers. We spend a great deal of time tracking your feedback on our forums, our UserVoice site, Stack Overflow, Twitter (@KendoUI) and elsewhere online. As always, we welcome all feedback. Please continue to submit your requests. We'll continue to make Kendo UI more awesome.

About the Author
(@JohnBristowe) is a Developer Evangelist with Telerik and is based out of Melbourne, Australia. John enjoys all the meats of our technology stew, hacking on everything from angle brackets to .NET. John's passion lies in modern web standards like HTML5 and CSS3. His website is bristowe.com.

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