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KendoReact is the latest offering from Progress in the JavaScript framework space. It is one of two offerings that we have built from the ground up using native components that that are composable and configurable to your needs. These are components that range from everyday use to robust interactive components like Grids and Data Visualizations. For forms we have inputs, dropdown lists, buttons, and more!

This blog post is a TOC for a set of companion articles making the informative video series for KendoReact available as an updated HTML version of each video from the series. Some changes have been made to account for updates and new features in the React core library. Each blog post below is a step by step guide through the basics of working with KendoReact. If you have any questions about a particular video, please post any comments or feedback on the respective video.

The links in this post have been updated as the series was published - bookmark this post to keep track of the entire series.

Blog Series Table of Contents

Eric Bishard
About the Author

Eric Bishard

Eric Bishard is a Developer Advocate and former member of the KendoReact team at Progress. A software engineer with experience building web based applications with a focus on components for user interfaces in Angular and React, Eric works with @Couchbase, tweets @httpJunkie and blogs at

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