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Official ASP.NET Core 1.0 Support, new components, styles and much more are on the way in our UI for ASP.NET MVC roadmap for R3 2016.

The world is changing, and as pioneers we closely follow the modern trends in web development. The goal is clear, and it is to be among the first vendors to offer:

Official ASP.NET Core 1.0 (MVC) Support

Since the release date for ASP.NET Core 1.0.0 is rapidly approaching at the end of the month (Jun 27), we are working hard to introduce full support for it shortly after it launches. This means that all available widgets will work properly on the new framework along with the recently introduced Tag Helpers.

You can follow the progress of ASP.NET Core 1.0 development here. Right now our MVC suite provides support for the second release candidate of ASP.NET Core 1.0, and we'll ensure that it is fully compatible with the RTM release.

ASP.NET Core 1.0

What More to Expect in R3'16

New Confirm, Prompt and Alert Component

confirm dialog

The new popups will allow you to achieve a sleek and consistent look and feel across browsers and devices. You'll be able to customize their appearance to match your application's appearance, and easily transfer content between the page and the dialog's content.

New Media Player Component

media player

The media component will be capable of playing files of any HTML5-supported audio and video format, including WebM, Ogg, MP4 and WAVE. It will also support YouTube videos.

AutoComplete, ComboBox, DropDownList and MultiSelect Improvements

combobox close button

Some great improvements will be introduced to the dropdown widgets:


grid export

Thanks to the out-of-the box integration with the RadSpreadProcessing library, the grid is going to offer export to CSV/XLSX formats.


HTML Editor

Our goal is to significantly improve the HTML editor and make it as useful as its AJAX counterpart RadEditor. Among the nice additions which you can expect are:

  • Immutable containers that will allow you to define non editable areas in the content area. This is especially useful in CMS systems where you might want to insert embedded Twitter messages.
  • Server-side import from RTF and DOCX—this is highly demanded feature by the community
  • Server-side export to RTF, DOCX and PDF—again highly anticipated functionality, which is a must have for an HTML editor. The Editor widget already offers powerful, client-side export to PDF, which you can test here.
  • Table Wizard along with table, column and row resizing—great functionality for table management that will enable the end users to easier deal with table elements in the content area



More control is granted to the developers to precisely enable or disable editing options like: create, update (reorder, resize, move, editors), destroy, move, resize, reorder, dependencyCreate and dependencyDestroy. You'll also benefit from the ability to specify a range or selected date in the Timeline view.



The scheduling component will allow you to group its appointments by Date and Resource.



Expect new improved layout and styling of the validation dialog. You can see the new enhanced design and UX here. In addition, the spreadsheet will introduce support for custom editors as well as user-defined names.

Have Feedback?

You just learned about the planned highlights for the R3 release. If you have comments, suggestions or feature requests, the right places to share them are the comments section below and the Feedback portal. Your feedback is always highly appreciated!

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