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Telerik UI for WPF contains many great components to help you build awesome Office-inspired applications, as our latest Excel-, Word- and Outlook-like Visual Studio templates illustrates.

Now it's time for you to meet the newest addition to our suite: RadDesktopAlert.

Even if it is still in Beta version, its intuitive and easy-to-learn API enables you to effortlessly integrate the control in your Office-inspired applications.

Below, you can find a sample definition of RadDesktopAlert displaying short email message.

var alert = new RadDesktopAlert();
alert.Header = "Weekly meeting";
alert.Content = "The meeting is canceled.";
alert.ShowDuration = 3000;

The RadDesktopAlertManager class is responsible for visualizing all alerts via its ShowAlert method:
var manager = new RadDesktopAlertManager();

The manager instance enables you also to display and configure multiple alerts with the same initial position and animation settings. By configuring RadDesktopAlertManager’s Position, AlertsDistance, ShowAnimations and HideAnimation properties and choosing between one of our 16 predefined themes, you can easily achieve a standard windows desktop style :
desktop alert office style
and appearance of the modern Windows8 flat style:

desktop alert windows8 style
For more details about RadDesktopAlert and RadDesktopAlertManager you can visit our online documentation.

To see the control in action you can take a look at our demos and XAML SDK Repository here.

Please keep in mind that the RadDesktopAlert is still open for new features, so we would love to know your feedback –do you like the control, what features might be missing for your individual scenarios? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! Please do not hesitate to give your opinions in our Feedback portal.


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Rossitza Fakalieva

Rossitza Fakalieva is Manager of the Progress .NET UI & Tools division, which develops the UI for WPF, UI for WinForms, UI for UWP and UI for Xamarin products. She started her career on the Telerik ASP.NET team in 2006 as a support officer and passed through the position of software developer to the position of senior manager. Off work, she enjoys cooking, watching movies and reading books.

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