Do you know what's better than building a Windows Application? Building a single application that not only runs on Windows, but also runs on Mac. And Linux. AND Chrome OS.

Chrome Packaged Apps run anywhere that Chrome runs. They give you complete access to the device's native API's through JavaScript. Need to read the file system? No problem. Need to access a USB device? There's an API for that. Deploy it to the Chrome Web Store and get a single delivery and update mechanism for your application. This level of reach for desktop applications is completely unprecedented.

This is why we have been working with Google since the early days of Packaged Apps to make sure that Kendo UI works beautifully inside of Chrome Packaged Apps. We didn't just test it, we built a full on application using Kendo UI that is now being shipped by default on Chrome OS devices. As one of the developers of the application, trust me when I say that this is extremely compelling stuff.

Interested yet?

Upcoming Hackathons

If you are near the Boston or New York area, you have the unique opportunity to hang out with the Google Developer Relations team and get in-depth and free training on building Chrome Packaged Apps.

Google will be doing a series of Chrome Apps Accelerated events on the 23rd of January from 9AM - 5PM where they will be working hands on with developers and exploring the Chrome JavaScript API's in depth.

Step 1. Sign Up

Click here to sign up for the event and reserve your spot.

Step 2. Go Prepared

We have a ton of resources to get you started with Kendo UI And Chrome Packaged Apps.

Make sure you visit our Chrome Packaged Apps resources page.

Additionally, you can check out Google's Paul Kinlan and I talking about building that first "Hello World" kind of application in this screencast recorded from a live webinar that we did several weeks ago.

You will also want to check out the Pkg Plugin, which is a free jQuery plugin that makes it possible to work within the confines of Packaged Apps security restrictions.

Step 3. Build Something Awesome

Once you get the hang of how a Packaged App goes together, you will be astonished at how easy it is to build your application and how fast you can iterate thanks to the Chrome Developer Tools.

Getting the in-depth training from these hackathons will take you that extra mile and give you the opportunity to talk directly with the Google team as well as master the Packaged Apps API's.

See You There

We plan on being at these events, and we hope that you will as well if you are in the area or able to attend.

Download Kendo UI today and build your first Chrome Packaged App. Then head over to the Google Hackathon and take that app to the next level.

Burke Holland is the Director of Developer Relations at Telerik
About the Author

Burke Holland

Burke Holland is a web developer living in Nashville, TN and was the Director of Developer Relations at Progress. He enjoys working with and meeting developers who are building mobile apps with jQuery / HTML5 and loves to hack on social API's. Burke worked for Progress as a Developer Advocate focusing on Kendo UI.

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