Ok, Todd and Kevin already blogged about our presence at PDC this year and I'll second them. We have so many things to show that it's a petty PDC is only 4 days long, we'll need at least 2 weeks to show everything. Of course we have to show mercy to all the Telerik guys who will be nonstop at the Telerik booth so 4 days should be enough :)
Todd and Kevin already mentioned all the products, new features and releases we're about to demo at our booth. We'll also demo 2 "secret" projects which will show you the combined power of WPF and the new ways of interaction. As I don't want to keep you completely in the dark, I'd like to share a bit of info. One of the projects is taking advantage of Brian Peek's WiiMoteLib library and the other is using the augmented reality ArToolkitPlus library. If these projects don't ring a bell you should come to the booth, if they do... I think I don't need to convince you more than this :)
I would also like to make a small advertisement of the Coding4Fun booth. You'll have a chance to win a robot and Brian Peek is about to demo something which looks like a chance for having a low cost interactive IMAX Cinema at home. The potential of using WiiMoteLib, the Wii Fit Balance Board and the VR920 glasses at once is really huge.
So wish you all have a great time at PDC this year.
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