A few weeks back, I wrote a blog about taking a solutions approach for mobility.Now, I’m going to provide brief overview on building UI for SAP applications quickly and mobilizing your SAP applications.

Developers have long struggled with complexity in building mobile apps. As many of you know, SAP is currently driving an initiative to increase its usability and simplification. The industry is moving toward mobilizing backend systems. Telerik provides the full developer experience with its award-winning, open source, beautiful UI widgets for responsive web and mobile development.

Recently, Telerik expanded its Kendo UI® framework with various themes from Google Material themes and Microsoft Office365, to having SAP Fiori themes based on design guidelines of SAP Fiori.

SAP Fiori is a user experience standard that defines modern SAP web applications built with SAP UI5. SAP Fiori represents a personalized, responsive and simple user experience across devices. In Addition, Telerik is working to enable customers to leverage Telerik Kendo UI controls with standard REST API/ODATA services through the SAP NetWeaver Gateway.

Now you have the ability to use all advanced Kendo UI features, from Grid to Scheduler to Chart and others. Also, Kendo UI framework can be used seamlessly with AngularJS. It provides 70+ powerful HTML5 jQuery-based UI widgets that can be styled with ease, in compliance with the SAP Fiori UX guidelines, thanks to the built-in responsiveness and an out-of-the-box Fiori-styled theme. Having these integrations built and packaged with pre-defined widgets increases developer productivity.

With Kendo UI framework and SAP NW Gateway, Telerik customers can now leverage the leading HTML5 and JavaScript solution with SAP Fiori CSS to develop applications that have the look and feel of native Fiori applications. This enables developers to build complex apps quickly that are not only beautiful, but help organize and display SAP data in way that is much more visual, digestible and compelling than before.

Say, for example, you’re creating an application to track purchase orders. Previously, the default tooling did not offer quality visualization elements, such as line charts or graphs that make the data easy to understand and use. Using Kendo UI widgets, supplier and transactional data can be compared side-by-side for better analysis and insight, which leads to better decision-making—such as whether or not to approve a purchase order for a particular supplier.

Telerik recently became an SAP partner and also published the SAP Purchase Order application with beautiful purchasing data visualization trends. SAP Purchase Order was built using Kendo UI framework and is available in SAP’s sapstore; developers can utilize SAP NetWeaver Gateway and create gorgeous hybrid mobile apps using Telerik Mobile Platform.

Thanks to the use of Kendo UI framework and Telerik Platform, this application offers a responsive design, and is a cross-platform hybrid application, which enables greater flexibility and high performance for end users—a change for those used to a fat client or just responsive web design.

These applications can now be expanded to build encrypted offline applications, quickly.

In fact, quite a few Telerik customers, SAP partners and customers are actively leveraging the integration between Telerik and SAP to quickly mobilize their applications. According to one customer, “The new SAP Fiori Theme allows seamless integrating without the time wasting procedure to adapt style sheets.”

Considering the Telerik development community consists of more than 1.7 million developers, we can expect to see quite a few beautiful SAP apps popping up. For more information please visit http://www.telerik.com/kendo-ui/sap-fiori-theme-html5-widgets

For a deep dive into all the features and benefits of the new Telerik Platform Enterprise Edition, please register for the next Telerik webinar, “Enterprise Mobility. Unshackled.”

Vikas Lodha is the VP Product Management, Enterprise Solutions, Telerik
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Vikas Lodha

Vikas Lodha is the Vice President of Product Management, Enterprise Solutions at Telerik

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