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    Q2 skinning

    I thought I should drop a line to let you know about our plans for changes in the common skins of the Asp.Net product line. For the upcoming Q2 release this September we are planning to refresh the default look of our controls, discontinue development of two common skins, and add two new common skins in their place. Default Skin Refreshed The current default skin (the look of the components when you drop them from the toolbox; browse a preview of all current common skins here) has served well, but the time has come for a fresher look. While we wanted...
    August 15, 2007
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    RadEditor for MOSS updated

    We have just updated our RadEditor for MOSS with a new build. You can get it from the usual place. Visit http://www.telerik.com/products/sharepoint/radeditor.aspx for more information. The new version (4.31) has a bunch of enhancements and bug fixes. The most important new feature in my opinion is the addition of a base editor class, which you can use in your own custom MOSS solutions. The new class (MOSSRadEditor) is available only in the full-featured version of the RadEditor for MOSS. It allows you to easily add an instance of RadEditor, which will have the MOSS specific features like the ability to use MOSS asset...
    August 03, 2007
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    New Resources for MOSS 2007 available!

    We have extended our SharePoint 2007 offering by adding an Integration Guide, which shows how to integrate the RadControls for ASP.NET into a MOSS 2007 site. Point your browsers to the following address for the details http://www.telerik.com/products/sharepoint/integration-guide.aspx.The new resources include a Whitepaper, a Screencast, and a new section in our forums, which is dedicated to using RadControls in MOSS 2007. The Whitepaper shows two possible ways to add one of our controls (RadMenu in this case) in a MOSS 2007 publishing site. The first (and recommended) approach is to create a WSS solution package and deploy it. The second approach...
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    New online resources for the past two weeks (07/02/2007 - 07/15/2007)

    Below is a summary of the new online resources available for our ASP.NET controls: RadInputHelp topics: How-to -> Set focus on RadInput controls - not uploaded yet How-to -> Get and set values in RadInput controls (client-side) - not uploaded yet Resolve RadInput flickering in Ajax scenarios under Firefox - not uploaded yet General functionality -> Data-Binding - not uploaded yet
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    Hierarchical data sources and RadControls

    In his recent post Bertrand Le Roy announced that he migrated his ObjectHierarchicalDataSource and CompositeHierarchicalDataSource controls from GotDotNet to CodePlex. I just downloaded the sample projects and tried binding RadMenu and RadTreeView to those data source controls. Everything went according to plan: I’ve made two demo web sites – ObjectHierarchicalDataSource.zip and CompositeHierarchicalDataSource.zip. Feel free to check them...