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    Importance of meaningful error messages

    The other day I had a very strange Visual Studio 2005 experience. I was testing the new design time capabilities of r.a.d.tabstrip and something went extremely wrong. My test environment consists of a WebControlLibrary project (the control itself) and a WebSite with a single aspx page containing nothing but a humble r.a.d.tabstrip. The site has a project reference to the web control library so it gets rebuilt whenever I build the site. So far so good. Here is the fun part - whenever I rebuilt the site and refreshed the page I received the following error:Ok, i said to myself, it's debugging time. I...
    February 07, 2006
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    Two types of jsUnit tests

    I am a big jsUnit fan. I can't imagine what JavaScript development would be like if that tool did not exist. We all know that code without proper unit test coverage is legacy code. It is a time bomb waiting to go off in the hands of the developer that touches it next. Over time I have noticed a pattern in my jsUnit usage. I usually wear one of two testing hats when writing tests:The browser compatibility hat. Most developers know how to do things in Internet Explorer, and Gecko-based browsers. Those differences are widely known and people are used to writing...
    January 18, 2006
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    Making ASP.NET XHTML 1.1 compliant

    As you may know, all components from the r.a.d.controls suite render XHTML 1.1 compliant output. We wanted to promote it in a way that all users can click a button in our online examples and see for themselves that everything validates perfectly. W3C provides an online validation service (http://validator.w3.org) so it should not be that hard. Unfortunately ASP.NET 1.x complies with *NO* HTML standard ever approved by W3C. ASP.NET 2.0 was first XHTML 1.1 compliant, but then in the official release Microsoft fell back to XHTML 1.0 transitional which is less restrictive. I made a couple of Google searches and found other people...
    December 09, 2005
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    r.a.d.controls and support for DotNetNuke

    DotNetNuke 4.0 was officially released about a month ago, giving a major revamp to the project, now specifically designed for .NET 2.0 and offering Visual Studio 2005 support. Although there were some inevitable glitches, in my opinion DNN 4.0 is a solid release. Porting the existing r.a.d.controls for DNN to 4.0 proved to be a straightforward task. Almost all our DNN controls compiled right away after simply replacing the old .NET 1.1 assemblies with the 2.0 ones (e.g. RadEditor.dll -> RadEditor.NET2.dll). The main task was to simplify the new distributions by taking advantage of the new functionality offered by .NET 2.0. All skinobjects and...
    December 05, 2005
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    Replacing the default Community Server blog editor

    I was asked to investigate the possibility of replacing the default FreeTextBox editor on our Community Server with a more sophisticated and easy-to-use editor. I took the challenge and it turned to be an easy one. The whole process took me about an hour - half for reading through the documentation and half for writing the code itself. Lucky for me Community Server uses a provider model, similar to the one in DotNetNuke, that makes it easy for users to change the text editor they wish to use. The only requirement is that the new editor has an appropriate wrapper...
    September 27, 2005