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    RadBook now supports virtualization

    I am proud to announce that RadBook, along with RadGridView, RadTreeView, RadTreeListView, RadChart and RadScheduler, now supports virtualization. With previous versions, it would take up to 16 seconds to load 1000 pages, where now it takes just 2 seconds to load a set of 10,000,000 (10 million) items.   The cause of the performance boost is the way RadBook handles the unnecessary(non-visible) elements. As you probably know, while turning a page, only four pages are visible at any given moment in time. Previous versions of RadBook would just collapse the unnecessary elements, which had a significant impact on the initial loading time. The...
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    First Look at RadBook for Silverlight

    I am glad to announce the addition of one more control to our Silverlight suite. The control is called RadBook and it is a page-flip type of control that allows browsing through a set of items as if flipping the pages of a book. RadBook inherits System.Windows.Controls.ItemsControl, which allows you to turn any type of content into a RadBook's page. The main features of RadBook are: Ability to template every page by using LeftPageTemplate, RightPageTemplate, LeftPageTemplateSelector and RightPageTemplateSelector. Ability to change the way a page is flipped i.e. flip a page on a single click, double click or simply forbid page flipping. Ability to define...
    November 19, 2009
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    Editing Telerik's Silverlight Controls in Expression Blend

    Along with the release of Telerik RadControls for Silverlight Beta 2, we also released a "blendable" Silverlight project. What I mean under "blendable" is that when this project is opened in Expression Blend, it allows you an easy and straightforward approach to editing the style of every control in out suite. To begin with, go to your Client.net account and download Telerik.Windows.Controls.Blend. Unzip the project anywhere and open the Telerik.Windows.Controls.Blend.sln files using Expression Blend. If you explore the Project tab, you will find that each control is represented by a separate XAML file. Open, for example, the Expander.xaml file. You will see that there...
    September 05, 2008
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    History Enabled Script Manager and Silverlight

    A.k.a Deep Linking in Silverlight Undoubtedly Silverlight offers a myriad of useful features that can enhance the user and development experience – Binding, Multithreading, Layout System, Animations to name a few. But the fact that it is in essence a browser plug-in leads to certain limitations or “hurdles” for the user experience. Deep Linking? Why? One such thing is the lack of Deep Linking, i.e. the browser’s address bar contains the starting page for the application but any change in its state is not reflected in the address. Some people argue that there is difference between Web Applications and Web Pages and while the...