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Over the last few months, we’ve been working hard to deliver you an awesome Q2 2013 release (which you can read more about, here. Along the way, we figured today was good time to drop a Service Pack for Q1 2013, which includes a bunch of new features and a boatload of fixes. In this blog post, I’ll highlight a few of things we’ve added in this release. To download the Service Pack right away, head over to the downloads page of your account. This post won’t cover everything new and improved, so to read more, be sure to check out the change logs:

The Kendo UI Q1 2013 service pack provides a number of updates, fixes, and enhancements to the version of Kendo UI we shipped in March of 2013. From a high-level perspective, we accomplished a great deal of work for this latest milestone:

  • 131 bugs fixed
  • 30 enhancements made
  • 105 issues resolved for Kendo UI Web
  • 12 issues resolved for Kendo UI DataViz
  • 13 issues resolved for Kendo UI Mobile
  • and much more!

And this is all while working on a stellar Q2 release for this Summer! Here’s a selection of fixes and enhancements we’ve implemented in this Service Pack:

  • Improved! TypeScript support. In our latest bits, we’ve exposed the kendo.fx and in TypeScript, and fixed a few issues with the kendo.culture return type.
  • Improved! Globalization support. Added the ability to format negative exponential numbers and support for case insensitive parsing of date strings.
  • Fixes and Improvements to Kendo UI SPA, including bug fixes and the ability to revert history changes by calling preventDefault in the routeMissing event.
  • Fixes and Improvements to the Kendo UI Grid. In this Service Pack, we’ve added the ability to set the column resize handle width, pass a selector into the editRow and editCell methods, in addition to fixing several, minor bugs.
  • New! Out of the Box Mobile Styling for the Kendo UI Slider.
  • Fixes and Improvements to Kendo UI DataViz, including performance improvements to large categorical charts, exposing a click event for the chart legend and several fixes to the DataViz framework, BulletGraph, Sparkline and Stock Chart type.
  • New! Set badge values on Kendo UI Mobile Buttons and TabStrip tabs.

What’s Next?

While you digest everything new in the Service Pack, we’ll keep on working on the Q2 2013 release, of which you’ll get to see more as we approach the next two milestones:

  • Kendo UI Q2 2013 Beta, expected in late June
  • Kendo UI Q2 2013 Release, expected in Mid-July

These are just a few of the updates, fixes, and enhancements that you’ll find in the service pack for the Kendo UI Q1 2013 release. Many of the bugs and feature requests we implemented came directly from you; our customers. We spend a great deal of time tracking your feedback on our forums, our UserVoice site, Stack Overflow, Twitter (@KendoUI) and elsewhere online. As always, we welcome all feedback. Please continue to submit your requests and, with your help, we’ll continue to make Kendo UI more awesome.

About the Author

Brandon Satrom

Brandon is the founder of Carrot Pants Press, a maker education and publishing company, the founder and CEO of Tangible Labs and an avid tinkerer.

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