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Let’s review the plan for deprecation of Angular 13, 14 and 15, and how Kendo UI for Angular will respond.

In the dynamic realm of web development, change is the only constant. As we propel forward, the Progress Kendo UI for Angular team is excited to share our plans for Transitions modernization, steering our ship toward a future filled with innovation and enhanced capabilities.

While we bid adieu to Angular versions 13, 14 and, later in the year, 15, we want to assure our users that this transition is not just about saying goodbye. It’s a strategic move toward embracing the latest advancements in Angular and providing you with an even more robust development experience. In this blog post, let’s explore the impact, next steps and timeline of these deprecations.

Understanding Angular Deprecations

Angular deprecations can seem like stormy waters to navigate, but fear not. The Angular Deprecations Guide is your trusty map through these changes. It provides insights into deprecated features, potential breaking changes and recommended alternatives. Think of it as your compass, ensuring you stay on the right course during this transition.

Compatibility Considerations

Smooth sailing also requires knowing your vessel. Refer to the Angular Version Compatibility Guide to understand the harmonious relationship between Angular versions, Node.js, TypeScript and RxJS. This document serves as your weather forecast, helping you prepare for any compatibility storms that might arise.

The Impact: What You Need to Know

Deprecating Angular Versions 13 and 14 in May

Our May release marks the deprecation of Angular versions 13 and 14. While these versions have served us well, bidding farewell allows us to focus on the latest innovations and deliver even more powerful tools for your development journey.

Deprecating Angular Version 15 in November 2024

In November, we’ll be parting ways with Angular version 15. This phased deprecation ensures that you have ample time to adjust your course and make the necessary updates to sail smoothly into the future.

Next Steps: Charting Your Course

Exploring New Horizons with Kendo UI for Angular

As we bid adieu to older Angular versions, we invite you to explore the new horizons that await with the latest Angular releases. Our commitment is not just to deprecate but to empower. New features, improved performance and enhanced capabilities lie ahead, ensuring that your development journey is as exciting as it is productive.

Consulting the Angular Deprecations Guide

To navigate through the deprecation process, lean on the Angular Deprecations Guide. It’s your companion, providing insights into deprecated features, migration strategies and a roadmap for a seamless transition. Stay tuned for more guidelines around the deprecation from the Kendo UI for Angular team as the time approaches!

Checking Compatibility Guidelines

Before setting sail into the new Angular waters, consult the compatibility guidelines. Ensure that your toolset, including Node.js, TypeScript and RxJS, is in sync with the chosen Angular version. This proactive approach prevents compatibility storms and ensures a smooth journey.

Comfort in the Storm: Our Commitment to Support

We understand that change can be challenging, but it’s also the harbinger of progress. Rest assured, our commitment to support remains unwavering. Even as we bid adieu to Angular versions 13, 14 and 15, we will continue to provide assistance, bug fixes and support until the official release in November.

If you need extended support for deprecated versions of Angular, you should consider using HeroDevs. Our friends over at HeroDevs specialize in supporting outdated and deprecated technology with security and compatibility bug fixes for as long as you need it.

Conclusion: Sailing Toward a Modernized Future

In conclusion, the deprecation of Angular versions 13, 14 and 15 is not a farewell but a transformation. It’s an invitation to embark on a journey toward a more modernized and innovative future. The seas may seem uncertain, but with the right tools, guidance and support, you’re equipped to navigate these changes seamlessly.

Embrace the winds of change with Kendo UI for Angular, and let’s sail together into a future filled with possibilities. The journey is just beginning, and the horizon holds exciting developments for us all. Bon voyage!

Your Feedback is Welcome

We count on your feedback on every step of our common journey. Please comment here or use our support center to tell us what you think of the upcoming change. Let’s shape the future together.

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