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Telerik’s support is always focused at satisfying customer needs – if you have used our controls for some time now, I guess you have already found that out. If you have just started getting familiar with our products – give us a try ;)


Our support services however, being targeted on our products only, cannot provide you with custom solutions, although we try to help as much as possible. That is why we decided to start a new series of blog posts aimed at different aspects of ASP.NET development. The content is gathered from various newsgroups, blog posts, tutorials in the Net and from interesting customer cases that we have had over the years. We believe that such resource on our site will be of help to all – no matter if you are experienced developer or you are just starting to work with ASP.NET Webforms.


We decided to start our blog series with JavaScript. All our Webforms controls have a rich client-side API that allows you to control almost everything on the client. The first blog discusses how to delay JavaScript code’s execution until certain conditions are met. This is useful in many cases where you need to make sure that other portions of your code and controls are fully loaded on the page before you try to call them.

Important: Since a lot of information was gathered from various sources on the Net, we will post a link to the original article wherever it is possible. If you are the original author of the published resource and you should be credited for it, please write to us at clientservice@telerik.com.


If you have an interesting article in your collection that you think will be of help to other users of our community – send it to use at clientservice@telerik.com – we will review it and schedule it for posting in this blog.
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