Erik van Appeldoorn
Trainer | Consultant,

When it comes down to code productivity, JustCode delivers just the tools you need. The suite is very complete and refactoring using JustCode is a breeze. After using it for a while, you can’t imagine you have tried to program so many years without it. Knowing this tool is backed up by Telerik, you know as a customer you’ll get all the attention you need.

Andrew Goad
Software Developer,
Kent County

Having just moved from a competitor product to Telerik JustCode, I wanted to say how much better JustCode is. It is a far superior tool and I'm very glad I made the switch!! Well done on a great product!

Troy Alford
Chief Technology Officer,
Water Street Solutions

My developer team has been using the Telerik control suite for over a year now on an internal application. From day 1, we were very impressed by the incredible feature-set, the ease of use and the great online tutorials and code examples. More recently, we have started doing a lot of client-side development, and again we are truly impressed. For people who are willing to spend the time developing deep code, I would recommend Telerik hands down.

Dusan Todorovic
Software Developer

The Telerik WPF controls are superb. I didn't realize that Telerik controls can improve business in every aspect. With UI for WPF my application looks so professional, and now I don't need to worry when developing the UI for my applications. Thanks, Progress for improving my business!

Carl Weis
Software Developer,
Code Logix

Since I started using the Telerik UI for WinForms in 2007, my productivity has gone through the roof. Concept to deployment times have been reduced dramatically. I would recommend Telerik controls to anyone who wants to build rich applications in record time.

Gareth Hunter
IS Administrator,
Salt n Sauce Promotions

Telerik UI for WinForms not only brings a breath of fresh air into WinForms UI design, but allows me to rapidly build complex applications utilizing this very comprehensive suite. Support has always been fast and first rate. I've tried many other control collections from various companies, and I'm glad I settled with Telerik in the end.

Burke Jones
Software Developer,
CAP Carpet, Inc.

Telerik tools for WPF were exactly what we needed. The GridView control is worth the price of the whole suite! Databinding is a snap, performance is good and the Filter/Sort works right away. Couldn't ask for better tools.

Richard Orchard
Digital Studio Manager

TeamPulse has been integral to introducing a leaner way of working in our organization. It has been the anchor to the entire change process. Our whole team – developers, creative designers and client services use TeamPulse on our projects.

Rabih Kraidli

We have started using TeamPulse from about 2 months ago. Our Product Owners are very happy to use it, and it has saved us lots of time and effort in preparing our release plan, product backlog and bug management. The support we got as well from Telerik was excellent.

Aaron Kowall
Development Practice Manager,
Imaginet, Microsoft ALM Partner of the Year 2011

At Imaginet, Telerik TeamPulse is the favored tool for our agile projects. It has allowed us to improve our process from requirements gathering through planning, managing and monitoring, resulting in smoother deliveries. The rich interface and in-context guidance make onboarding fast and the TFS integration reduces friction for software development projects.

Antonio Bakula
Software Developer ,
Web Marketing

TeamPulse has done wonders to improve communication between the management and development teams in our organization. TeamPulse helped us organize and recognize important tasks that must be done first, and also recognize tasks that are not so vital - and maybe not needed at all. Doing this, we were able to deliver important features to our product on time and provide management with feedback on how complicated tasks and stories were to deliver.

Steve Mack, President
Tangent Systems, USA

Telerik Data Access was the only solution providing real transparent persistence and a rich set of ORM functionality combined with high performance and tight integration into Visual Studio. It saved us 60% of development time and reduced the lines of code needed for data access by 99%.


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