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Universal Search Box in Web Report Designer

The Web Report Designer is a rich tool enabling end-users to create fully-fledged reports from scratch. With R2 2022,we’re introducing a dedicated Search box within the designer, providing fast and convenient navigation throughout the report definition. Just hit Ctrl + F and start typing a property nameand the most relevant items, new components and properties of the currently selected report item will get listed. Use the same approach when you want to find a particular item or data source or even to locate a data source field. When selected, the target property editor or component or even toolbox item will get focused and highlighted 


Universal Search Box in Web Report Designer

Reports Are Now Organized in Folders within the Web Report Designer

In the R1 2022 release, we introduced the Assets Manager tool to conveniently store all assets like images, CSV and JSON files and style sheets on the server. It is also used when selecting a report to be referenced in another report. Now, the Assets Manager allows the report definitions to be organized in folders, effectively improving navigation for the end-user. 


Reports in Folders

Web Report Designer Supports the Latest Kendo UI Theming Mechanism

Kendo UI is a mature and feature-complete JavaScript UI component library. We rely on it to provide the best possible user experience for our Web Report Designer users. Kendo UI is evolving, and we’re following. With this release, we significantly improved the UI layer and stylization implementations of the Web Report Designer so that it is future proof for the latest Kendo UI Sass-based themes. 


Web Report Designer Supports the Latest Kendo UI Theming Mechanism

Telerik Reporting Supports .NET 7 Preview

We strive to follow Microsoft’s releases and update our tools accordingly. With this release, we compiled and tested our runtime, targeting the .NET 7 Preview 3. For an easy start, we have added a dedicated copy of our deployed examples that can be loaded into Visual Studio. Keep in mind that you need to use a dedicated solution called CSharp.ReportExamples.Net7.VS2022.sln for this set of projects. 


Support for .NET 7 Preview

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