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Web-Based Report Designer Enhancements

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The Web Report Designer is now ready-to-use in all common and multiple advanced user scenarios, enhanced with the following new features:

  • Add full ObjectDataSource support to consume server-side business objects data. There is a Wizard tool to set it up flawlessly.
  • Report definitions can now be uploaded from local files to your reports’ repository. The opposite is enabled as well, so you may download a server-side report definition to a local file.
  • Multiple property editors got improvements and fixes.
  • Add Bring to front / Send to back commands.

Web-Based Report Designer Enhancements

WinUI Report Viewer for Desktop Apps

With R3 2021, Telerik Reporting introduces a new report viewer for WinUI that will ensure fast and easy embedding of reports that can be previewed directly into a WinUI application. The viewer is built using the Telerik UI for WinUI control suite to take advantage of the improved controls and be compatible with future themes.

With the native WinUI viewer users will be able to:

  • Navigate the report pages for preview on the screen
  • Exercise the defined interactivities like Navigate to another report or to a bookmark in the same one, drill-down or sort on a column, etc.
  • Print or export the report to all the formats we support, including PDF and Excel
  • Search the report contents to easily find particular data points

I Report Viewer for Desktop Apps

Visual Studio Item Templates for Blazor Report Viewer & Blazor Report Designer

We are further developing the Visual Studio integration tooling to make it extremely easy to embed reporting functionality into your Blazor applications. No matter if you are building a Blazor Server app with an integrated Reports REST service or a Blazor WebAssembly app and only need the client-side UI component, we’ve got you covered. The item template’s wizard allows you to configure the corresponding Reports service and the accessibility setting of the control.

Visual Studio Item Templates for Blazor

Keep the Report Service Session Alive While the WPF/WinForms/Web-Based Report Viewer is Open

We added support for keeping the client session alive in WPF, Windows Forms and HTML5-based report viewers for improved UX when previewing reports. When turned on, the respective viewer will ensure the server-side assets of the rendered reports are preserved while the page/window of the report viewer are not closed.

Keep report service session alive

Compatibility with .NET 6 Latest Preview

Microsoft continuously releases new previews of the next major .NET version—.NET 6. To make sure things work smoothly in your app, we released .NET-6-supported tools and demos that you can use if you plan to employ the new version of .NET 6 in your future projects. 

Compatibility with .NET 6 Latest Preview

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